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At Your Service: Stories of Canine Caring and Compassion

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At Your Service: Stories of Canine Caring and Compassion

Lunghezza: 126 pagine1 ora


Therapy dogs, comfort dogs, rescue dogs, companions, search and rescue, and trained canines never forget their mission to help those in need of emotional support. They (and their humans) are there to share a story, a smile, help a struggling child read or interact socially, brighten the day for someone in physical rehabilitation, or cuddle patiently with someone who has endured trauma. 

Charmaine Gordon, Vanilla Heart Publishing author, has generously donated her novella, Young at Heart, as part of this book. Young at Heart features Kizzy, an adorable member of Hudson Valley Paws for a Cause, as Kizzy charms his way into their lives  to create something special between two mature lovers.

Part of the Publisher's proceeds from each sale will go directly to Hudson Valley Paws for a Cause to give back just a little of what these animals and their humans give each time they go on a 'mission.

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