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Street Creep Stories: Murda, Mayham & Justice

Street Creep Stories: Murda, Mayham & Justice

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Street Creep Stories: Murda, Mayham & Justice

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Apr 25, 2016


Street Creep Stories, explicit tales coming to you straight
from the hood. Seven (7) short stories loaded with that
street fire, keeping you in suspense as you wonder what will
happen next in this page turner. Sex, drugs, prostitution
brody boy’s, drug cats, mother slayers and certain death
fill the pages of this street drama.

You will read every story anticipating it’s ending, but you
won’t see it coming. Street Creep Stories meets Tales from
the Hood in these assorted tales from the Gutta. A.Bankz
raises the bar with this gutaa orientated street novel.
The grass is always greener on the other side of the tracks,
but in the hood there is always a
Apr 25, 2016

Informazioni sull'autore

A. Bankz, Author and Publisher started “Hoodtailz Publications” in 2004 while incarcerated. Featured book “Playing Women from the Inside” was inspired by real life experiences of Convicts as well as Mr. Bankz. It was written to give women awareness to the game that has caught so many of them off guard. Mr. Bankz was asked the question why he used so much graphic language and his answer was simply, “to give the reader a feel for the inside.” Mr. Bankz had to re-release his first title “Playing Women from the Inside,” because when he was released 6 years ago he knew nothing about software. However, Mr. Bankz self-taught himself, and now he runs a profitable business surpassing the expectation of many who counted him out. Mr. Bankz’s motto is, “it ain’t the setback it’s the get back.” Society has written off many ex-cons due to their repetitive behavior, but if you need to see the second chance in the flesh, Mr.Bankz is that example. Mr.Bankz has seen it all in his lifetime on the Streets of Chester PA, but made the decision that he was not returning to the lifestyle that kept him behind bars for most of his life. At age 11 he embarked on the street life and continued his criminal career into his adult life. After his last conviction he was sent the Federal system and it was there that he realized that either he had to change or spend the rest of his life in prison. Going to school for business and real-estate, he was asked a question by his teacher, “Do you want to be a business man or a gangster?’ Mr. Bankz opted for a business man remembering what was said to him after he was sentenced, “If we ever catch you again you will never get out of jail.” Mr. Bankz reunited with his childhood passion, writing. He began to write about his life stories from the streets knowing that, if he continued down the same road, the next shot at freedom would come in a form of a body bag. Realizing that all the game he was taught was for nothing, because when he came home there was no 401K waiting nor a roof to put over his head. After having a conversation with his former cellmate from Miami Brother Calvin, he realized the game as it is called, caused him to spend half his life behind bars. Mr.Bankz studied himself carefully while incarcerated and came to the realization, that there is Constant and Change.

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Street Creep Stories - A Bankz



India was a ride or die chick and she would give her motherfucking life for Tony. They met a couple years back when India was working for a top notch pharmaceutical company and she was taking everything under the sun. She use to go to one of her girlfriends crib and have open house on all types of pills. On this particular day Tony was at the crib on chill status. India was doing her usual shit catching money, when they caught each other’s eye. The way Tony looked at her, India knew she was going to fuck him that night. India with her bold ass rolled up on Tony. She came at his neck,

Who you here with?


Fuck you can’t hear nigga. I said who you here with?

Tony looked at India saying to himself Damn this bitch is bold. He waited for a minute then said,

Last time I checked, I had good hearing.

Then answer the question.

You act like you want to be with me.

At least you can read between the lines, my name is India.

My name is Tony, Let me ask you something.

Do you baby.

Do you always talk this reckless to all the cats you just meet?

I call it getting what I want. Believe me baby I get what I want.

So I guess I’m what you want tonight?

Now you’re getting it. Let me finish my business and we out.

I ain’t gon nowhere.

India smiled and went back over to her girlfriends to wrap up her business. She did a quick count down of her scrilla then told Tony they were out. They got in India’s whip and she was tripping the whole way to her spot. She looked at Tony and said boldly,

How many kids you got?

I ain’t got no kids or a chick. I ride dolo.

"That’s a good thing because I ain’t wit that cat fighting shit. I’ll put a bullet in a bitch quick!

Are you on medication?

Hell no, I’m just letting you know I’m not wit the bullshit!

Tony just shook his head coming to the conclusion that India had issues. India drove a couple more blocks and pulled up to a notorious drug corner. Tony peep’d the set and said to India,

girl you know where you at?

Nigga shut up I got this. Let me find out you got more bitch in you then I do.

Tony just sat there and watched as India got out the whip. She rolled up on some cats that showed her mad love. She ducked into an apartment building out of sight for about ten minutes before re-emerging. Tony was sitting in the whip scared to death. Niggas walked by the whip giving him the ice grill look. India finally came to the whip, got in and Tony said to her,

I see niggas giving you mad props.

That’s my cousin and all his crew. I grew up with all those niggas. We like family.

No doubt, How far you live from here?

Chill nigga. I ain’t gon let nothing happen to your ass.

India went about two blocks up before pulling up to her spot. They went in and sat on the couch. India took her pocketbook in the bed room. She came back out, sat next to Tony then pulled out a bag of diesel. She looked at Tony saying smoothly to him,

You gon need to snort some of this to hang with me baby.

"Baby doll I don’t get down on that.

Come on Tony, just this one time and I won’t ask you again.

Girl we just met and you coming at me like we’ve known each other for years or you my chick.

When I give you some of this pussy I’m your chick. You not gon hit this ass then fade. You gon fuck me and love me, now take a one on one please?

Tony was caught off guard by her response giving into her demands. That nigga hit that shit then immediately ran to the bathroom to throw up feeling the power of that diesel. India came in, got a towel and wiped his mouth off and helped him to the bathroom. She laid him down on the bed then started taking off his clothes until he was asshole naked. Tony looked at her in a dazed state of mind then said,

Girl that shit got me all fucked up.

Now that that Manteca is up in you, you got that dope dick. I’ma ride this motherfucking like no other.

India stood up and began to strip like Lisa Ray in Playa’s club ready to be fucked. Her body was the mirror image of trains. She stood 52’ with thighs on her that looked like she ran track all her life. Tony was peepin her getting excited knowing he was about to fuck the shit out of her. India noticed that all too familiar response as Tony’s dick got into gear shift position. Tony felt the effects of the diesel as he remained flat on his back India got on the bed and crawled up to him. She got over him and just before she sat on his dick she whispered in his ear,

Remember nigga, you fuck me you love me. If you ever cross me I’ma kill your ass!

India lowered herself on his dick and Tony felt how tight she was. She finally took it to the bucket squatting on his whole dick. She leaned forward just a little then began slowly moving her hips real slow making sure her clit rubbed up against his pubic hair. She moved faster as she felt his dick gently touch her G-spot with her every movement. Tony was slowly regaining his motor skills and was about to move,

Don’t move baby I’ma about to cum. OH I’ma about to cum all over your dick and balls. Can you feel me cumming on you baby?

India eyes were in her fucking head then she fell forward on top of Tony. Tony was still a little high but he got his movement together. He slid from up under India telling her to get on her knees. He went up in her firm athletic ass from behind and started to have at it. Tony pounded that ass long stroke style. India turned around,

Slap my ass and pull my hair real hard!

Tony grabbed a handful of her hair pulling it and slapping her ass real hard. India started yelling at the top of her lungs all crazy like,

Do that shit. Do it harder nigga!

Tony was slapping her ass like she was a slave who tried to run from the plantation. Her ass was beat red from the intense slapping Tony was putting down. India started thrusting her pussy on his dick,

Harder motherfucker, harder!

You like this, don’t you bitch?

Tony continued to hit that ass for twenty more minutes then stopped. He told India to get on her back. She laid on her back, spread her legs seductively,

This pussy good ain’t it?

Tony went back to pounding that ass. He was fucking her so fast and hard she slowed him down by digging her nails in his chest. He looked in her eyes and said to himself This bitch is a freak. He fucked her for hours until he finally came. He collapsed on top of her happy the fuck session was over. Tony laid there exhausted, sweating hard thinking about how the sex was off the chain. He noticed his dick was defying gravity. India rubbed her pussy up against his leg. She slightly and purred like a kitten,

now that’s how you fuck a bitch like me. I told you that diesel would keep your dick hard.

Well show me how much you like it and suck it.

I’ll let you fuck me hard as you want. You can fuck me in the ass and cum all over me, but I don’t suck no dick!


You heard me. I don’t suck no dick!

I just snorted some dope for you and you on some anti-dicksucking shit!

I’m just no good at giving brains.

Put it in your mouth and suck slow. If you do something wrong I’ma stop you. Plus you said if I fuck I better love you, right?

Aight I’ma do it for you.

India grabbed his dick and went to work. Tony was impressed with the mouth play she was putting down. She turned it up a notch going up and down faster when she heard him moaning. She came up for air saying,

Em I doing it right?

You lied. You know exactly what you’re doing.

After that brief exchange of words India went back to operating. For the rest of the night they did the damn thing until they passed out. The next day India was getting dress for work. Tony woke up to see her dressed, as he cleaned out his eyes,

You about to jet?

I got to go to work baby. Fall back and diagress. I’ll be back in no time.

I’m feeling that, but I got to get up and handle some business. I need you to take me to my spot.

Aight. But don’t try to act like you don’t know me now I dun gave you this pussy. Remember what I told you. I will rock your ass!

Girl something is wrong with your ass!

ain’t nutten wrong with me. You get pretty and something will be wrong with your ass!

As time passed by Tony and India got serious about each other. There was one thing Tony wasn’t feeling about India, her fucking with that diesel. Even though he would hit it once in a while, he could see the toll it was taken on India. Even though cats on the block were her people he was feeling how free she was with them. Tony was chilling one day at his spot waiting for a call from his man in the penna. India had left for work from his spot and he got caught up in his thoughts as he waited for his man to call.

A couple years back Tony was fucking with this chick named Serena who had more balls then the average cat. They met at a party and started seeing each other. At first they kept it on the friendship level until Serena gave his ass a crash course lesson in brains101. That started a fuckfest and from that point they were inseparable. Serena knew this cat pushing major crack. He always flashed money at her

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