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Acceptance (Searching for Truth - Vol. 4): Searching for Truth, #4

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Volume 4 of the Searching for Truth series!

Dylan was stuck in a loving, but sex-less marriage. The fire had gone and his love life had gone stale. But he found a new source of spice and excitement - other men.

As Dylan explores attractions he never thought he would have, his relationships are all tested. His on-again/off-again girlfriend is unhappy with him; his friends are upset with him.

In the final volume of this thrilling saga, Dylan comes face to face with his past and finally comes to terms with his sexuality. All the while balancing his love life with his need to figure out what it is that he wants in a mate.

With the help of his ex-girlfriend and ex-boyfriend, Dylan accepts life’s offerings to him.

Now that he has experienced the thrill more than once, he doesn't know if he'll ever go back to being a "one-woman", or even a "one-man" type of guy....


I could have put the typical synopsis here.

Boy meets boy.

They fall in love.

They live happily ever after.

The end.

But this is not that story.

Also includes sneak peeks at upcoming stories!

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