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Backdoor Delights

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A Night to Remember
I had a good life. Good family, great boyfriend (or so I thought), the best of friends and a full ride to Brown University. It was the same as every Friday night when me and my best friend Jewel made our way into the fraternity house. Same kind of party, same music and same people. It used to be the best times of my life but all that changed one night. The night I met Jeremiah everything changed. He changed me in one night. From the girl next door to the fiery vixen in bed. Now I can’t get enough. He shows me a passion that I never knew excited and things about my body that made my head spin. When the night is over will I be able to go back to the way I was or am I changed forever?

Professor’s Request
I am a straight A student. I always have been. Instead of chasing boys like my twin sister and all the other girls growing up, I focused on my education. I wanted to be something when I grow up. Living in the dump we lived in and the run down street of the city, I knew that knowledge would be my only way out. So I buckled down and did what I had to in order to make it. Now I had. I was running a full scholarship at one of the best colleges in the country and I was there because of the hard work I had done in the past years. When I get a C on a paper I know deserves an A I am pissed and go straight to the source. Professor Drake. All the girls had a crush on him and if I were honest I would admit that he was hot. I wasn’t here for that though and when he strikes a deal with me for an A I have to decide if I will cross that line or not.

The Package
I was having one of the worst days when the doorbell rang. Coming to the door excited to see the UPS guy standing there I was happy to see I had a package. When I find out that there is a fee I immediately let my devious mind wonder and offer him another payment. One he gladly accepts. When one thing leads to another I realize that I may just have bit off more than I could actually chew. Now standing in front of me is a hot guy ready and waiting. What do I do with it now, especially when he wants to explore things that I have never done?

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