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3.5/5 (42 valutazioni)
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5 ore
Nov 3, 2016


***Pre-order Abi's latest adventures, EVERDARK and THE CRACKLEDAWN DRAGON, out in 2021!***

A beautiful and classic anthology of frosty, magical short stories from acclaimed children’s writers. 

The Dreamsnatcher’s Abi Elphinstone heads up this gorgeous collection of wintery stories, featuring snow queens, frost fairs, snow dragons and pied pipers . . . from classic children’s writers Michelle Magorian, Geraldine McCaughrean, Jamila Gavin, Berlie Doherty, Katherine Woodfine, Piers Torday, Lauren St John, Amy Alward, Michelle Harrison and Emma Carroll.

‘Captures all the excitement of the season’ The Guardian

An unmissable, enchanting treat of a collection that will be enjoyed for years to come, by readers of all ages.

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Everdark (World Book Day)
The Crackledawn Dragon
(coming 13 May 2021)
Nov 3, 2016

Informazioni sull'autore

Amy Alward is a Canadian author living in London who fits writing in around her work as editorial director for one of the UK’s leading children’s publishers. The Oathbreaker’s Shadow and The Shadow’s Curse are her first two books, published under her maiden name, Amy McCulloch. She lives life in a continual search for adventure, coffee, and really great books. Visit her at or on Twitter @Amy_Alward.

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Winter Magic - Amy Alward

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  • (4/5)
    I liked how all the stories where different and I especially loved the last story: the snow dragon
  • (3/5)
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  • (4/5)
    Nicely written. And if you need your ebook to be published somewhere else visit for free publication
  • (1/5)

    1 persona l'ha trovata utile

    Wow. Wow. Okay. First, let me say that I do not enjoy giving a book one star. Nor do I enjoy giving a negative review. I am also not going to go off on everything wrong with the "problematic" elements of this book. I am positive that if they are this glaring, someone already covered it. Also, I don't believe we need to agree with everything we read. Reality isn't perfect people always making correct decisions, and morality isn't absolute. I feel a book is just as valid if it has disagreeable characters and character decisions, so I don't fly the problematic flag often. For this review I am just going to stick to critiquing the elements of this book (of which character portrayal is just a part).

    Summary: Tessa is a good girl with a boyfriend. She is starting a new college. She has a roomate named Steph with tattoos and piercings, which is shocking. She falls for the rude boy who is friends with said roomate, and he is also tattooed and pierced, which is shocking (it's is a big deal in this book to be tattooed/pierced). Oh, and he is British. His name is Hardin. She tosses her nice boyfriend aside because he is nice, which is boring. Hardin is mean to her, which is exciting. They fight. They have sex. They fight. They have sex. They fight. The end.

    Characters : These characters experienced no growth and were one dimensional. Friendships just happened, relationships weren't built, and they offered nothing. Peripheral characters were just that. They served no purpose but to move the story along.

    as for the characters of Hardin and Tessa, neither main character is likable. I'm not opposed to unlikable characters. I actually LOVE books that feature unlikable characters. However, in order for that to work there has to be some depth of emotion, and good characterization. This book and the characters were as deep as a puddle of beer on the frat house floor of regret. Hardin is the tattooed bad boy with mood swings and Tessa is self-centered and naive (so naive I question if her background included a Christian cult) college freshman. This is who they are from the beginning to the end of the book.

    World Building: The scenes and settings lacked description and were quickly thrown together offering barely any backdrop. Frat house, dorm room, Hardin's parents house- It's just different places to have sex or get drunk.

    Plot and Resolve: The plot didn't exist. This was just an incredibly long (Oh my God so looong) slag through two peoples relationship which was a wash, rinse, repeat series of fights followed badly described sex scenes. That is until the twist at the end that was just hasty and thrown out there to probably continue writing further incredibly long and tedious books. The twist also rendered the entire book up to that moment, pointless.

    If you want a brief summary of my reading experience I can say I felt like I was trapped for an uncomfortable amount of time in my ex best friends past relationships. This is a book about the kind of couple that has a shit ton of holes in their drywall, and whose every fight plays out on Facebook. It's that friend you have who constantly complains about how badly she is treated in a relationship, but shoots your attempts to empower her to leave down because, "you don't understand how sweet he can be." If it wasn't for the audiobook I wouldn't have made it through this, and no, I don't plan on continuing on with this series.

    I found out while researching this book that this was originally One Direction fan-fiction from Wattpad. I really truly feel that is probably where it should have stayed. I don't think this book was anywhere near ready for publication. I don't think the author is at fault for that. The editing for this book was just negligent at best. I really think with a better editor and some direction Anna Todd could have made a relatively good story with similar main characters. This just needed a lot more fleshing out.

    I apologize for coming off so harsh, but this is probably the worst experience I have had as a reader.

    1 persona l'ha trovata utile

  • (5/5)
    I am not sure what to say about this book, I started reading this book looking at a you tube video clip, and I thought :) if someone had the time making a video of their favorite book it must be something worth while reading, also apparently over a million people worldwide read it online. This book blew me away! Harry is a total jerk in most parts of this book, and one of the most alpha males characters I have read in a while, but he is also sweat and charming sometimes. Tessa my hart is breaking for you literally, I must say I am not sure I will be able to face love and friends afterwords. The cliffhanger at the end was cry worthy, wow again ;) this book is like taking a roller coaster ride. It is authors like this that make reading so much fun.

  • (2/5)
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  • (1/5)
    Bad book ever had it is the baddest app
  • (4/5)

    1 persona l'ha trovata utile

    I have seen so many negative reviews about this series, but still decided to give it a try. I actually listened to it on audiobook and read a little of the physical copy. I did not love it, but I also did not hate it. This is all about a romance. This focuses on two college age kids meeting and struggling with their feelings with each other. If you do not like “I love you, I hate you, I love you, I hate you” reads, then you will not like this at all.Yes, there is cheating. I also know some people are opposed to reading books with cheating, but it is real life situations (especially when a HS romance faces going to college). That was not a deal breaker for me personally (not that I agree with cheating, but it is just a book).This was way to long for what it was. I did not see the twist at the end. I did not plan on continuing on with the series, but now I have too! Overall, I enjoyed this way more than I expected.

    1 persona l'ha trovata utile

  • (4/5)

    1 persona l'ha trovata utile

    I swore I wouldn’t read this book, but alas all the banter about Anna Todd in my classroom was enough to change my mind. My students were raving about After, but begged me NOT to read it. Said it was too bad and I’d yell at them for reading it, but they get all giggly when talking about it. Well, if you know me at all, you know that I’d do just what they didn’t want me to. One night it was very slow at the bookstore, so I picked up After to read. 60 pages in, I was hooked. It reminded me of when I started reading Jaime McGuire’s Beautiful Disaster. I remember meeting Travis for the first time. He’s one character that many wish were real! Lol!Always and Beautiful Disaster have two things in common; both books revolve around sexy, tattooed bad boys. And each is broken and sworn off relationships for good, but change their mind when a particular virginal girl comes into the picture. Now, I get that this is supposed to be fan-fiction starring Harry Styles, but I don’t get it. Without knowing this before reading Always, I’d never put the two together.As much as the story drew me in, I still found some issues with it. First of all, some of the dialogue was too clean. Very little contractions from college students means I question the validity of the characters, especially if they are as hip as those in the story.Second of all, Hardin treats Tessa like absolute shit. I love a bad boy like everyone else, but Hardin is just downright mean. There’s only so much good sex can deviate the attention away from a guy who is just being a jerk. I understand Hardin has some real issues, but not all sexy guys are verbally abusive. Of course I like Hardin…when he lets his guard down.Annnnnndddd then there is the whole ending. Of course there’s a sequel, of which I will probably read. Even with the negatives, I really enjoyed Todd’s writing. I think it’s fabulous that she became a big sensation on Wattpad and is now traditionally published. As a writer it’s a dream come true. I hope after this, she continues to write new stories.

    1 persona l'ha trovata utile