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Rob Niter

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Rob Niter

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This book is specially written for bodybuilders, fitness fanatics or someone who seeks a healthy lifestyle change. If you are unsure of your training technique or workout routine, this book can help you maximize your inner potential and aid you in excelling in the art of body transformation. If you have a thousand questions in the back of your mind about mass development and muscle building, read ahead. This book was specially written to help clear your doubts and provide you with comprehensive and accurate knowledge about bodybuilding. If you think your workout routine or training program is ineffective and nothing works for you, this book can help you get a good start. I have discussed several topics in this book that I think will be most beneficial. They are:

The basics of mass development in body building 
Workout routines and programs 
Nutrition 
Supplements 

In this book, I have also discussed some common variables and problems that a bodybuilder faces frequently. I hope this will help you solve your challenges and answer those questions which you are too afraid to or shy to ask anyone else.

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