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The Private World of Seacroft Manor

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The Private World of Seacroft Manor

Lunghezza: 321 pagine4 ore


A story told through the eyes of Julian, an orphan in eighteenth century England, who experiences the brutality typical of the underclass yet finds himself an unexpected mentor in the form of the master of Seacroft Manor. Julian's mentor takes him under his wing initially for his own sexual needs but finds Julian means more to him than any of the other boys and young men who provide a wide variety of sexual services to the wealthy and aristocracy of that period. The male brothel that is Seacroft Manor opens young Julian's eyes to both his sexual desires and is natural aptitude for the thriving brothel business. Set in a time when brutality was the norm, Seacroft Manor seeks not only to utilize the services of its inhabitants but also to nurture each of them in a way which will provide for their future financial and emotional stability. The stark realities of the time are something from which Seacroft Manor provides perhaps the only possible escape for those of lowly birth.

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