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Seth: Cyborgs: More Than Machines, #5

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Seth: Cyborgs: More Than Machines, #5

Valutazione: 3.5 stelle su 53.5/5 (14 recensioni)
Lunghezza: 215 pagine3 ore


His mission: Blend in with the humans. Save the cyborgs. And of course, seduce the girl.

An excellent athlete who is highly intelligent, charismatic - without modesty - and handsome too, Seth has it all except for the girl. But not for long. Like it or not, he's determined to win her heart - and get in her pants. So what if it means letting the military replace a few parts and becoming the world's first cybernetic spy? Cool missions, a hot chick, awesome toys; it all sounds like a dream come true until the military decides to terminate their billion dollar experiment.

But they didn't count on their project soldier fighting back.

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