Strength Workouts

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Strength Workouts

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This is a book of workouts for you to use to improve your physical fitness, build strength, and increase your Cardiorespiratory capabilities. Although there are a few photos, for the most part, the exercises are all well known and available for viewing on the internet.
The different combinations of sets, reps, and rest periods make each one of these workouts effective for a one time session or multiple sessions using the same one. This is what separates this book from others currently available.
You may also notice, once you start working with these, that they take approximately 50-60 minutes to complete each one. This is common practice in the gyms across the nation and my gym is no exception. A good 50-60 minute workout fits most people’s schedules and is therefore a practical time span in which to increase your fitness levels in most areas.
The book starts out by explaining the basics of a training program with an emphasis on the fact that it does not have to be complicated. It continues with a section devoted to setting up your own home workout place. Following this are segments directly addressing Cardiorespiratory and strength training.
The last section, before the actual workouts appear, are pieces about the why and importance of a thorough warm up and stretching.
After the workouts there is another lengthy section about the why and importance of the cool down.

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