Big Gene Little Gene

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Big Gene Little Gene

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On June 5th, 1944, towards the end of World War II, amidst the roaring sounds of aircraft, firearms, combat vehicles and explosions. a British Hawker Typhoon dropped an air to ground rocket on the Electronic Warfare Van occupied by Eugen Schroeder. He, along with other members of his team, was captured by American forces. They were all transferred to an Army POW Camp in Houlton, Maine.
Gene Ross, a ten-year-old US citizen, living on a small farm in Monticello, grew up in times when kids were taught to hate Germans. Although little Gene is quite frightened at the prospect of meeting the prisoners from Germany, he is amazed to learn how there is little or no difference at all between his people and the people from beyond. the enemy lines. The friendship he shares with one of these prisoners of war (Big Gene) becomes very close, very emotional. When the war ends and Big Gene returns to Germany, Little Gene understands the pang of separation for the first time.
This book “Big Gene Little Gene” is an emotional dip into an era where murders and butcheries in the name of wars and nationalism were considered to be common. Hitler, whose promises of a great future in a powerful Germany, found mindboggling success by pushing young brains to the war front. Read this story of the “Big Gene and the Little Gene” to know how a war changes life and how people learn to accept truths that they wouldn’t have seen in their normal lives. If you find it hard to imagine how it feels to come back home, after being trapped in a war for years and find nothing but the dust and soil waiting for you to touch them, this is the book for you. Go through the tumultuous life of the Big Gene and find out whether he wins the war of life in the end or loses everything to his destiny.

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