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Diaries: Diaries Can Be Deadly

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Diaries: Diaries Can Be Deadly

Lunghezza: 361 pagine5 ore


Off the barren west coast of Tasmania a fishing boat crew drag two sailors from the ocean. The only clue as to why they were there is held in a sailor's diary -- written in a foreign language. Unravelling the mystery, the Australian authorities must find the vessel on which the sailors had sailed before other interested parties get to it first.

The discovery of the vessel becomes a deadly race when a saboteur is despatched to ensure that it will be destroyed, regardless of who or what is on board.

Elsewhere on the island novelist Nora Christie uses the diary of Captain Abbotsley to research her latest book. Abbotsley had been sent to oversee convicts at Australia's most notorious and isolated settlement -- Sarah Island on the west coast of Tasmania -- in the early 19th century.

Nora has no idea what events will be unleashed from what the Captain has written nor that his extraordinary writings will impact tragically on her and his modern-day descendants.

Nora's brother, James Christie, becomes a key part of both mystery strands, as they are woven together by two shipwrecks and the lure of lost treasure and a deadly confrontation on a stormy day on the rugged cliffs of southern Tasmania.

Diaries can be deadly.
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