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the 21 Myths Of Fat loss 21 Dieting and Weight loss Myths you Believed

the 21 Myths Of Fat loss 21 Dieting and Weight loss Myths you Believed

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the 21 Myths Of Fat loss 21 Dieting and Weight loss Myths you Believed

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May 24, 2016


Money can’t buy results but the truth can.

Fitness can be really frustrating because everyone has their biased opinions of what is right, and what works. The problem is 90% of these opinions are based off of completely irrelevant studies.
Most people back their claims with studies say, they say, or in my experience.
But how does make their info relevant to you and your goals? IT DOESN’T!

Fasted cardio burning more fat, skipping breakfast is bad, eating more frequently increases BMR, sweat is fat crying, the 30-minute anabolic window! ALL BS

What I did was narrowed things down to the 21 most harmful myths that you probably believe and now I am going to debunk them for you. But before I do that, here are the Myths we will be debunking.

Myth #1 “Fasted cardio burns more fat”

Myth #2 “Not eating breakfast is bad”
Myth #3 “Eating more meals throughout the day will turn on your metabolic furnace”

Myth #4 “You need to eat certain “clean foods” to lose weight”

Myth #5 “You can change your metabolism in weeks”

Myth #6 “Weightloss is linear”

Myth #7 “The cave man, low carb, organic, super metabolic enhancement diet that all the movie stars used”

Myth #8 “Carbs make you fat”

Myth #9 “Fat makes you fat”

Myth #10 “Zero calorie foods exist”

Myth #11 “Fat loss supplements that help you lose 30 pounds in 30 days”

Myth #12 “Turning fat into muscle”

Myth #13 “Sweat is fat crying”

Myth #14 “Carb or calorie cycling to jump start the metabolism”

Myth #15 “Use higher reps to get shredded/lean”

Myth #16 “When you eat before bed stores food as fat”

Myth #17 “Doing direct abdominal work will burn belly fat and get you better abs.”

Myth #18 “The 30 minute anabolic window”

Myth #19 “Eat double your bodyweight in protein to get shredded and build muscle”

Myth #20 “Grain products such as bread, pasta, and rice will make you fat”

Myth #21 “Everyone that gets really shredded is on drugs”


You don’t deserve to be in the dark anymore, you deserve to know the truth, and you deserve to know the practicality of dieting and weightloss in all of its entirety.

Forget about what you think you know and learn the truth about these mythical fitness methods and diet philosophy.

Become a diet and weightloss practitioner, and get those results!

May 24, 2016

Informazioni sull'autore

Hello I am Jordan Craig Miller, I happen to be 21, born in Gastonia NC! I am an Actor, Entrepreneur, Writer, and Fitness enthusiast! I have always been obsessed with psychology, being able to use your subconscious mind fully to live the life you want. I've read almost all things about Napoleon Hill, Tony Robbins, and Law of Attraction material and live by all of it! I myself have been through depression, to the point where I wanted to die at 13 years old because I felt worthless due to others telling me so, I have had terrible anxiety attacks throughout my life, and many more mental and physical problems! I've managed to overcome almost all things mental, and learned how to control my body physically with the mind-muscle connection bodybuilders talk about so much! Life is much more of a playground once your have complete control over your mind, body, and soul! I publish books that will Self Help, Self Educate, Self Impower, and absolutely empower you to improve your quality of life! Live, Laugh, Love that's the way to do it, it's not really about any one things like money, or freedom, or being happy it's the complete package of the (full) (filled) life we are working for, let me take you there!

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the 21 Myths Of Fat loss 21 Dieting and Weight loss Myths you Believed - Jordan Miller

The 21 Myths

Of Fat loss

21 Dieting and Weight loss Myths you Believed

Jordan Miller

© Copyright 2016 by Jordan Miller Success By Design- All rights reserved

Copying, reproducing, distributing and transmitting any part of this publication in whatever means either electronic or printed without the consent of the publisher attracts criminal charges. All rights reserved.

Legal & disclaimer

The concept and ideas expressed in this book are purely intended for educational purposes and should not be taken to substitute any form of medical, legal or professional advice.

The author and publisher of this book have provided accurate and reliable material to the best of their knowledge. The publisher is not obligated to provide the reader with additional services such as accounting services or any other kind of service. It is the readers’ responsibility to consult the necessary qualified personnel on the specific field the reader has interest in.

The author and publisher of this book cannot be held accountable for any injury, damage or financial loss incurred by the reader from applying or misusing the information provided. The reader and publisher of this publication are also not liable for any errors and omissions. It is illegal to record or store any part of this publication without the written permission of the publisher.

This is according to the Declaration of Principles that the committee of the American Bar Association put in place together with the Committee of Publisher and Associations.

The respective authors of this publication have all the copyrights that do not belong to the publisher.

Table of Contents


Myth #1 Fasted cardio burns more fat

Myth #2 Not eating breakfast is bad

Myth #3 "Eating more meals throughout the day

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