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Trump Bubbles: The Dramatic Rise and Fall of High-Conflict Politicians

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Trump Bubbles: The Dramatic Rise and Fall of High-Conflict Politicians is the first book to really explain the rise and fall of Donald Trump, candidate for President of the United States of America. What’s a trump bubble? It’s when emotions trump thinking in politics. When fear trumps facts. When leader love trumps logic. Donald Trump is the most recent trump bubble, but trump bubbles have occurred before and will again.
Trump Bubbles explains the rise-and-fall pattern of high-conflict politicians, focusing on the case of Donald Trump and the questions people ask:

• Why do people compare him to Adolf Hitler in the 1920’s?
• Why do people defend him despite his outrageous statements and beliefs?
• Will he become reasonable if he ever becomes President?
• Does he have narcissistic personality disorder?
• Will he settle on a set of policies, or will he keep changing impulsively?
• Could he be a good thing for American politics?
• Would he start World War III?
• How do you stop trump bubbles once they start?
• What happens when a trump bubble bursts?

To answer these questions, the author relies on social science, psychology and history, as well as his years of training professionals in dealing with high-conflict personalities and situations. It’s a beautiful thing!

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