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A Logical View Of Gravity

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Have you ever wondered just what it is that holds us all so firmly to the ground? Obviously it’s gravity. But what exactly is gravity? At first glance, it seems as if that question should be easy to answer, but it’s one of the most difficult questions out there. I’ve wondered about gravity for a very long time. I’ve read books and science magazines that focus on that subject. The interesting thing is that after I finished reading, I still didn’t know what gravity actually was. Put simply, when I drop my pen, why does it fall to the ground? When NASA launches a satellite, what force pulls it into an orbit and keeps it from flying off into space. None of the books and magazines I’ve read covered the subject on that level.

A Logical View Of Gravity takes a look at gravity, with the idea of answering those questions. The book begins with the most basic of views. I examine that fundamental idea of gravity and put it into an easy to understand language with easy to understand images. I then build, logical idea upon logical idea, until the question, what is gravity, has been answered. With the question of why gravity pulls us toward the surface of the Earth, the way gravity works is expanded to discussions of how gravity affects, and is affected by, some of the most exotic concepts in modern cosmology – Black Holes, Multiple Universes and Dark Energy.

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