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Uniformity with God's Will, The Practice of the Love of Jesus Christ (Annotated)

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Uniformity with God's Will, The Practice of the Love of Jesus Christ (Annotated)

Valutazione: 5 stelle su 55/5 (1 recensione)
Lunghezza: 268 pagine7 ore


Special Study Edition - Annotations

+ Biography of St. Alphonsus

+ Paper on the Redemptorists

+ Essay on our Moral Crisis

+ Book Club Questions

Two of St. Alphonsus LIguori's classics in one volume!

"Uniformity" is a book foremost about the Love of God. Saint Alphonsus composed "Uniformity" to help Christians bring their way of life in line with God's will each one of us. There are 7 chapters that will show you with concrete ideas you can put into use today how to make your will one with God's despite life's hardships. And if the road seems difficult the Saint providesi nspirational examples to help motivate you by seeing the end result if you simply "keep going."

In "The Practice of the Love of Jesus Christ" you'll be given real ideas to bring your heart closer to Christ. "Practice" is one the Saint's true masterpieces, a book that speaks directly to all Christians, offering you ways and means that has the potential to really satisfy your spiritual longings.

One cannot read this book without becoming a more aware believer. Readers report this is a workbook where you're given so many practical things to do that you might to pause and put the advice into practice today.

"This contact with the honesty of the street became the basis for a lasting influence in moral theology."--Prof Charles Paris, Simon Fraser University Burnaby British Columbia (1989)
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