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Global Warming - The Polar Bear and the Monkeys

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Global Warming, The Polar Bear and The Monkeys is a book that targets young people but the adults who have read it expressed immense pleasure at the contents. The havoc climate change is causing around the world is no longer a secret. This book encourages you to seek ways you can help to fight the monster. The good news is that everybody can help. Seeking ways to help shows your level of commitment to the course. Global Warming, The Polar Bear and The Monkeys can open your eyes to the seen and unseen dangers we face if we fail to act now. Above all, it can awaken you to do something because the reason many people are not taking the matter seriously is because of ignorance. In this battle, there are more than three ways each person can help.

As you listen to or read this book, you will be compelled to act to save the Earth because we do not have another. All the other earth-like planets scientists have discovered are thousands of miles away. It can take two life times to reach some of them. Therefore, the green planet remains our only alternative. We must protect it or lose it. The fate of the earth is in your hands.

This can be acted as a play or adapted for some other forms of study. It is perfect for anyone who loves life and who loves the Earth because without the Earth, no life is possible, at least, physically.

Global Warming, The Polar Bear and The Monkeys is a book that delights the reader and teaches some vital lessons about climate change at the same time. It highlights some causes and consequences of global warming. It shows with examples how catastrophic it could be if we fail to act. It also stresses how each of us can contribute to solve this monster of a problem - men, women and children. The great news is that victory is attainable.

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