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It Starts With Food | Summary

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Our health is better or worse depending on what kind of food we eat. Healthy food makes us healthy, unhealthy food makes us unhealthy. If we concentrate on eating clean, natural, healthy—I cannot stress that word enough—foods, we will have more energy, sleep better, improve athletic performances, be happier, and even have less cravings for unhealthy foods. Many people reported physically glowing as well, their friends and family noticing the differences almost as immediately as they themselves did. The Hartwigs also explain that adopting the Paleo diet has also helped with injuries and diseases. For example, Dallas Hartwig dealt with horrible inflammation in his shoulder. For a long time nothing helped, but after he turned his lifestyle around and ate the right foods, his inflammation and pain vanished. Their thirty day challenge is available on their website/blog, and it promises to be life-changing. It Starts with Food dives in to what the challenge is all about and how to eat and live your life well.

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