The Exodus Path

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The Exodus Path

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The Exodus Path
"Death stalks the path of least resistance.”

A detective in the suburbs of Philadelphia with a secret past is thrust into a serial killer investigation. The murders share one trait: the killings are achieved through tampered-with electrical devices. Each murder scene is a carefully premeditated orchestration of technology, timing, and unflinching murderous intent.

All of the murder scenes contain a meticulously delivered message – a code – that links the killings as the creation of one diabolical mind. The killings quickly escalate from one, to four, to dozens in an inter-state tunnel, bringing into the investigation the FBI and a fresh from Quantico profiler haunted by her first case. Reluctant to use her gift because of the previous tragedy, she partners with the police detective whose mantra is, “the devil is in the details”. A detailer and a profiler. The duo works to find a way to stop the killings as the body count and threat multiplies.
The case spreads from the urban towers of Philadelphia, to the pastoral farmsteads of central Pennsylvania, as death stalks from as wide as the Grid – to as close as that next button under your fingertip.

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