ODELIN: Of Dual Existence, Light and INtent

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ODELIN: Of Dual Existence, Light and INtent

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Odelin is the personification of the “Ordinary”, except for her drinking, smoking and pill popping habit which she counts on to numb her feelings about her purposeless life. This is until she is met with an accident during one of her drunken sprees which puts her in a coma for a few days, during which time she is apprenticed under a friend from the spiritual realm, who shows her the bigger picture behind the curtain, and that not knowing her purpose is not the same as not having one.
But by the time Odelin wakes from her ordeal, she has, as per the grand design, forgotten it all once again.
How is it that someone like her is in fact a most extraordinary being? How is she linked to the experiment that is designed to accelerate the raising of the human consciousness? Most important of all, if she wakes up and has no recollection of her journey during her coma, or imagines that it is all a dream, who is going to convince her otherwise?
This is a short story that will leave you thinking for a long time; a subtle tale that illustrates the complexity of life and an intricate fable that helps us uncover the simple truth to our existence.

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