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Activate Your Fat Burning Hormone at Night

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Activate Your Fat Burning Hormone at Night

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If your goal is to lose fat and build muscle as fast as possible, it is absolutely crucial that you focus your efforts on maximizing your production of the powerful fat burning hormone known as growth hormone (GH). GH is released by the pituitary, and GH levels in the body tend to peak during puberty, and then slowly (yet steadily) decline with age. GH plays a key role in the building and/or maintenance of muscle, as well as the burning of body fat. Boosting GH levels leads not only to increased muscle and bone mass, but decreased body fat levels as well. For years, bodybuilders have injected synthetic GH to experience the amazing effects it has on their body composition. Unfortunately, the synthetic version of this hormone causes undesirable side effects. The good news is that you can increase your GH levels naturally.
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