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Menopause: Advice from a Pro to Reduce Symptoms

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Menopause: Advice from a Pro to Reduce Symptoms

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When a girl has a period for the first time, it is a distinct step into womanhood. But with the onset of puberty comes a number of concerns, like ‘How to use a sanitary napkin effectively?’, ‘How to stay clean during those days?’ and, ‘How to deal with your changing body? There are some households that believe in a number of myths surrounding a girl’s periods and most of them are based on the fact that the girl is ‘unclean’ during those days. This belief stems from a time when women did not have the sanitary measures we have today. They would use old cloth as napkins and often had to wash and reuse them; apart from that they did not have access to running water and the kind of soaps we have today. Times have changed and so have we. So, here are some tips to help you stay clean and hygienic during your periods. Here’s how you can reduce pain due to menstrual periods.
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