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Justine Mckeen, Bottle Throttle

Justine Mckeen, Bottle Throttle

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Justine Mckeen, Bottle Throttle

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Mar 28, 2016


Justine is back! She’s worried about what plastic is doing to the environment and to her classmates, so she sets out to ban bottled water school-wide. The only problem is, the new principal, Dr. Proctor, isn’t on board. Justine will have to convince him and persuade her classmates if Project Bottle Throttle is going to succeed!Justine McKeen, Bottle Throttle is the seventh book in the popular Justine McKeen series.
Mar 28, 2016

Informazioni sull'autore

Sigmund Brouwer has written more than 100 books for readers of all ages including the 2015 Arthur Ellis Award-winning novel Dead Man's Switch (Harvest House). He is the author of the Justine McKeen series and the Howling Timberwolves series in the Orca Echoes line. He visits over 150 schools per year, speaking to over 60,000 students. Sigmund lives in Red Deer, Alberta.

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Justine Mckeen, Bottle Throttle - Sigmund Brouwer


Chapter One

As usual, Justine met her friends for lunch in the school cafeteria. She set her backpack on the floor. She pulled out her lunch box and a bottled water that she had marked with a felt-tip pen. The words on the plastic bottle said DO NOT OPEN.

Then Justine took her seat and said hello to her friends—Michael, Safdar and Jimmy Blatzo. Their other friend, Savannah Blue, had just moved away to another city. And their school had a brand-new principal. His name was Mr. Proctor.

You got it, Blatzo said to Justine. "I won’t open your bottled water. Especially since you used capital letters. Capital letters make it a very serious thing."

Blatzo was big and looked pretty mean. At one time, he was proud to be known as the school bully. But Justine had changed all that.

My turn for her fortune cookie, Michael said. He opened Justine’s lunch box. Justine’s friends knew that her grammy sometimes worked at a Chinese restaurant and brought home fortune cookies. Michael found Justine’s fortune cookie and looked at the plastic wrap.

I don’t see anything written on this, Michael said. I guess I can open it.

As long as you give me the wrap to recycle, Justine said.

Question, Safdar said to Justine. Why did you write that on your water bottle?

"You mean where it says DO NOT OPEN?" Justine asked.

Yes, Safdar said.

Because I don’t want anyone to open it, Justine answered.

Of course, Safdar said. "Silly question. But why don’t you want it to be opened?"

Bad question, Blatzo told Safdar. That’s why I didn’t ask. I knew it would be smarter just to obey and not open it.

How is it a bad question? Safdar asked Blatzo. It’s just bottled water. Anyone would want to know why she wrote it. Especially since she used capital letters.

Because now she is going to answer, Blatzo said. "And I have better things to worry about than why that bottled water should stay closed. Like

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