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How to Protect Yourself From the Law

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How to Protect Yourself From the Law

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Why should you have to fight off something that is supposedly here to help you? Well here's the deal, if you can afford it then the law can indeed be a great asset to you, but for the average citizen the law amounts to an ongoing barrage of harassment, fines, threats, fear, grief and humiliation, and that is on the pleasant end of the scale. On the business end of things you face arrests, raids, beatings and even killings.
This book is an encyclopedia / handbook on how the police and the British legal system really operate versus how you are told they operate. Its purpose is to show you how innocent and hardworking people are the ones most likely to be targeted by the system and why this is. Most importantly it arms you with the tools to fight back.
Most people end up getting snookered during police encounters quite simply because they don't know what is going on and so they get overwhelmed with panic, fear, and confusion. The police state is not for "the terrorists", it never was, it is for you the ordinary citizen.
If you were suddenly approached by police, could you handle yourself? Do you know how to avoid being duped into answering questions that could incriminate you? Do you know how to avoid falling for the charm that many police officers will initially use to get you to drop your guard? Do you know how to deal with police who come at you in an ultra aggressive fashion? Could you escape from handcuffs if you had to? Do you understand how to keep your mind functional in a highly stressful and adrenaline fueled situation? Do you know how to find lawyers who will be a genuine asset versus those who will just railroad you straight into a conviction? Tasers are nasty; and becoming ubiquitous. If one was pulled on you would you know how to defend yourself? Don't wait until it’s too late; with an illegitimate and out of control police state threatening us all it has never been more important to know how to defend yourself from "the law."

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