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Forever Love Lifeless

Forever Love Lifeless

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Forever Love Lifeless

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Feb 24, 2016


HENRY WILSON is a depressed and angry recluse. For the past thirty- three years, his mother has provided him with her love and a sense of security reducing his feelings of inadequacy and isolation toward a world where he doesn’t belong. Due to his inability to emotionally interact with society, Henry has developed significant psychological issues. Upon her death, Henry is obsessed with finding a woman to replace his mother’s love. As he pursues a romantic relationship with several women, his anger, lack of social skills and his negative self-image causes Henry to overreact to the continual rejection from these women ending in their worst demise; murder.

As Henry travels across the United States as a freelance photographer, women have randomly been murdered and yet law enforcement has not connected the dots to a serial killer. He is the most wanted serial killer in the nation and no one realizes it. Henry does not discard his victims like a piece of trash, but instead creates lifelike mannequins using their human skin. They look real and authentic with their hair and makeup done to perfection; an art that only he has mastered. These women appear happy to be in his presence. It is time to find a woman of his dreams to be his bride.

Henry accidentally stumbles onto ALYSSA MANCHESTER, a beautiful, highly successful model, at an outside restaurant and has an immediate attraction to her. Intentionally, he bumps into her to have a conversation. Alyssa treats him with respect and smiles at him creating a delusion to his future chance of her becoming his bride. He begins to stalk her. Alyssa is his new obsession, but with this sudden new boyfriend in the picture, he must outsmart him and demonstrate to Alyssa that he loves her more than any other man and can meet her desires.

Henry kidnaps Alyssa and treats her very well hoping she will fall in love with him. When things go from bad to worse, and her rejection penetrates his heart, Henry’s psychological instability rears its ugly face again, but before she takes her last breath, she stabs him. He is forced to seek medical attention.

While at the hospital, Henry’s identity tips authorities off to his heinous crimes of the past as they find not only Alyssa’s body in his house but several more missing women staged in the most cutting edge and yet horrific state. MAGGIE MICHELSON, a forensic psychologist and highly esteemed profiler, is assigned Henry’s case after he is incarcerated.

Maggie connects with Henry. She reminds him of his mother creating a love-hate relationship that torments him. Their conversations are riddled with truths and deception; like a cat and mouse game with vague and misleading questions and answers. Henry is found guilty and will do prison time, but just before sentencing, he stares straight at Maggie and states that someday another woman will know the fear that these women have felt.

Now twenty years later, Maggie is plagued by Henry’s last words because Henry is being released today. Maggie is on the verge of hysteria as she continues to prep her family to be alert and know revenge on her or one of them is quite eminent. They see her as being paranoid, until KRISTIN, Maggie’s oldest daughter, is suddenly kidnapped. It is Maggie’s worst nightmare. She knows what Henry is capable of and even though she wants the police to do their job and catchs him, she knows Kristin is just the bait. Henry wants her.

Maggie must dig deep within herself to gain the strength and courage to face Henry alone. She is a strong, faith based woman who relies heavily on her faith as she plunges into this unknown journey to save Kristin. Through a snowstorm, avalanche, being stalked, and physical injuries, she is forced to deal with Henry. Both are injured and exhausted. However, a conversation occurs as he understands there is a better way of living. He is ready to begin a new life but first there needs to be forgiveness and redemption.

Feb 24, 2016

Informazioni sull'autore

Kalayah Marie loves to read and watch suspenseful mystery/thrillers so naturally this would be her choice for fiction. Her passion to be a writer has led her to author this faith-based fictional suspense book. Born in rural Minnesota, she lived a pretty ordinary life. As she got older, she was told she was adopted. This started a wonderful journey as she pursued her biological roots. She grew up with one sister (also adopted), but now she has been blessed with an additional five half siblings. Even though this event brought much happiness into her life, it also brought much heartache as her adopted mother and sister rejected her and walked out of her life. These relationships are still strained and a constant reminder of the cruelty within the world. Kalayah feels that this has brought a different perspective and dimension to her life allowing her to have a deeper understanding of the importance that relationships play in a person’s life. She interweaves many of her life experiences throughout her writing bringing realness to her readers. Kalayah has been part of the education world for many years as she continues to educate and speak at a variety of venues as well as being a life-long learner herself. Having extensive in writing a variety of mediums, she is excited to move into fiction writing. She loves to be engaged in her community creating programs and services to help communities become stronger, healthier, and happier communities. She lives in a northern suburb of Minneapolis, MN with her husband, Jerry and her children; Kristin (husband Andy) and Jason. She is proud to have been able to use her son Jason's digital artistry skills to create the cover for her book. She is currently busy writing her next suspense novel trilogy!

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Forever Love Lifeless - Kalayah Marie

Forever Love Lifeless


Kalayah Marie

Copyright © 2015 Kalayah Marie

This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental. The characters are productions of the author’s imagination and used fictitiously.

You are welcome to share it with your friends; however this book should remain in its complete original form, with exceptions of quotes used in reviews. All rights reserved. Scanning, uploading, and electronic sharing of any part of this book without permission of the publisher is unlawful piracy and theft of the author’s intellectual property. Your support and respect for the property of this author is appreciated.

JC Productions 24265 Hummingbird Street N.W. Minneapolis, MN 55070

Cover design by Jason Pederson - Cover photography by Subbotina

Published in the USA by Vison Van Gogh 11521 Eagle Street N.W., Suite 6 Minneapolis, MN 55448

ISBN: 978-1-63173-958-3 (E-book)




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About the Author


In the beginning, I was not sure where this book would end or its final conclusions, but I knew the journey would be graciously received. The writing of this book was spiritually inspired and part of a faith walk as I struggled through multiple challenges in my life while writing it.

I am confident there is an individual message and one that will creatively weave itself into the reader’s heart and mind like an ivy climbing a trellis as it builds a strong foundation to conquer many uncomfortable storms. It is a desire that as this message becomes absorbed and embedded, a new direction will be revealed producing a renewed energy to pursue a more bountiful life in the reader.

The success of authoring this book was due to many beloved people. Thanks to my husband Jerry and children; Kristin, Andy and Jason, for their continual love and support in this artistic adventure. Also, thank you Jason for your digital artistry in creating the cover and enduring my never ending questions.

I would like to thank my parents; Hans & Jan, for their continual encouragement to never be afraid to walk boldly and reinvent yourself. Their love has meant the world to me and I am grateful for them always being there when I needed them most! Thanks to my sisters Chris, Sandy and Beth, for their brainstorming sessions. Also to my biological mother Bettyann for her unwavering belief in my abilities and future success. Lastly, I would like to thank the individuals who helped me with the publishing of this book.

Please, sit back and allow your own personal journey to begin.


A look of disgust crossed his face as the sudden sound of the girls’ shriek jolted him out of his trance. He had been deep in thought before he had been rudely interrupted with all of this excitement. He tried to return to his world, but their voices pierced through his thoughts demanding his attention. No matter how hard he tried to focus, he could not block it out. As each additional minute clicked by, the more intrusive it grew: as if someone invisibly was forcing him to sit with these girls and engage in conversation He ordered another drink and nursed it along, clandestinely glancing up into the mirror that strategically hung behind the bar, watching these girls laughing and giggling as they reminisced about old times. How he hated people like this. Sharing memories from childhood, enjoying the moment and their enduring friendships; friendships he never had nor would have in the future.

He began studying them one at a time. They ranged from tall with dark hair and brown eyes, to slightly shorter, more voluptuous, blonde haired women. He was intrigued that these ladies shared one common trait with each other; length and style of hair. He wondered if people were naturally drawn to others that resemble themselves. As he ordered another drink, he looked around the bar trying to surmise whether this could be true or not; after a few long moments staring at people—he concluded no, absolutely not; most people do not look like their friends.

As the night wore on, a very precise, high pitched laughter took center stage above all the remaining laughs. Oh, why couldn’t this person just stop laughing or at least be quiet about it, he thought. Sitting all alone without any friends to carry on a conversation, this loner could feel his blood beginning to boil as this noise incessantly went on and on and on. The laughter never ran out of energy, constantly nagging at his thoughts.

Thankfully, the high pitched lady’s pager was pleasantly activated and she jumped up to use the payphone. He could only pick up bits of her conversation, but it sounded like she was a nurse and a severe, multi-car accident had just occurred and they could use her assistance at the hospital. She informed the caller she would be there shortly. Finally he thought, His agony would soon be over because he knew she would be exiting the bar. As he stared at himself in the mirror, a smile crept across his face.

She announced to the table she would be returning to the hospital and her friends shared their disappointment with the early departure. They asked if she would like them to walk her to her car, but she declined as she stated it was only a few blocks away by Thurstons and she would be fine. The hugging began all over again and the man had seen enough. He quickly paid his tab and invisibly left the bar.

Joselyn hurried to put her coat on and grabbed her belongings. Her demeanor suddenly changed. She moved from this high pitched obnoxiously laughing person to now a person deep in thought as she mentally prepared herself for this urgent medical emergency.

Crossing the street and speeding up her pace as she ventured onto the sidewalk, a man stepped out in front of her from behind a tree. She let out a little gasp, he smiled at her; she quickly regained her composure as a sigh of relief ventured out of her mouth. He wished her a good evening and she nodded as she walked past him.

As she cleared his body, he grabbed her unexpectedly from behind, and she felt a sharp pain as he gripped her arm hard. She immediately opened her mouth to scream, but he was quick and shoved a rag full of foul tasting ointment into it. She squirmed and struggled to free herself, but he was strong; in fact, very strong.

Within minutes, her legs were going numb and she was having trouble walking. Her tongue and lips felt thick as they expanded like a helium balloon. Her vision became blurry and she was wondering what in the world was happening. As the rest of her body slowly drifted off to sleep putting her in a state of partial paralysis, this man carefully picked her up into his arms, like a father gently cradling his child, as he quickly moved into the shadows.

Joselyn starred up at this man wondering what was going to happen to her. His lips were moving, but she could not understand what he was saying. More and more of her body seemed to be going to sleep and she tried to keep them awake and moving, but they were limp refusing to engage. As she continued to stare up at him, she desperately tried to ask him what he wanted with her, but darkness was surrounding her. Where were the street lights? Were they still outside? Why was her body feeling so cold? She could faintly hear traffic noises and people’s voices as she wondered if anyone was coming to help her.

The darkness continued to engulf her and she could feel her breathing becoming strained. She was trying to gasp for air, but her chest and lungs would not fill up with air. As panic ripped through her mind and body, she knew something was very wrong. She yelled to her lungs to fill up, just fill up with air; do it—do it now! The darkness was now all around her and moving in fast, but in the very distance she could see a bright light. It was coming closer. Oh awesome, she thought, The ambulance is on its way.


Henry Wilson had taken several poses of his latest female obsession with his newly acquired Canon camera. Photography was a passion and through time his skills had been greatly perfected. He knew he would revel in these pictures for many months; after all, she was the most photogenic and therefore warranted his undivided attention. Just looking at her pictures brought pure sensual delight, while visions of himself dressing her up in a formal wedding gown brought him much physical excitement.

Carrying her picture in his wallet, keeping her forever close to him at all times, gave Henry inner peace; at least the closest thing to peace that Henry had ever experienced. Being able to fixate on her beauty at any time of day helped relieved his anxiousness, similar to why many drink an alcoholic beverage. The cold beer, the slow warmth of hard liquor, or the sweet smell of a glass of wine –whatever the fancy, it is all the same; it takes the edge off of a stressful day. Deep down in Henry’s heart, he longed for her to fall passionately in love with him. It had been these yearning desires that led him to decide that she would be his bride—his forever pride and joy. This would be his best work yet.


Upon high school graduation, Alyssa moved to New York City to work with the Minx Modeling Management Company. Through time, her stunning looks and amiable personality accelerated her to be one of the highly desired models in the industry. It required long hours, hard work, tenacity, and determination. Even though she loved what she did, there were sacrifices along the way; like limited time to go back to Wisconsin to spend time with her family. There was always the next shoot and traveling internationally now, she promised herself that she would take time to go home to see her family. However, things got busy and before she knew it, four to six months had magically slipped by. She was determined to try harder.

Speaking regularly with her family members was enjoyable, but not the same as face to face. She yearned for a more tranquil lifestyle and Alyssa was experiencing more and more days of being down and feeling this empty void as life was becoming unfulfilling. Modeling had been a dream, but somewhere along life’s journey, it had turned into another routine task to do each day. It had moved from an adventure to being just a job. She was feeling like she was missing out on a regular life; you know, shopping and hanging out with friends, maybe even having a significant boyfriend.

Even though Alyssa had men swooning around her daily, she had never met thee one. She longed for a meaningful relationship with a man who cared about her and not her fame. She wanted to be special to only one person, to share her secrets, and have someone who looked forward to her returning home at the end of the day instead of a cold, lonely condo that quietly and indiscriminately waited for some life to enter it. So many of the men she dated seemed more preoccupied with satisfying their own ego as if advertising to the universe, Look at me! I am walking with this beautiful woman; I must be important. These men were so self-absorbed in their own worlds, that most dates were just plain boring. Instead, she wanted a man to be her confidant; a true friend.

Marriage, a home, babies were thoughts that frequently sneaked into her private mind. Alyssa would remind herself that she had much to be thankful for. After all, how many people would die for what she had achieved? Unfortunately these nagging thoughts never seemed to cease. The biological clock was a ticking time bomb in her mind and getting louder and louder every day.


Henry’s thoughts wandered away from the present bringing him back to when he was sitting a few chairs away and watching his bride-to-be eating at a restaurant with another beautiful woman. She was vivaciously laughing and gracefully pulling her hair away from her Barbie Doll like face while eloquently placing it behind her ear. Her long manicured nails were glistening in the afternoon sun. Her ruby red lipstick accentuated her well-formed, full lips drawing his gaze to them frequently as he envisioned himself sitting across the table from her enjoying a lunch with his date.

These two women were two classy women: women that would never give him even a glance on the street. They both were fashionably dressed women with one wearing a Dolce & Gabbana sapphire blue silk dress with a Burberry satchel and a scarf loosely draped around her neck. The second woman wearing a Roberto Cavalli black leather jacket pant set with an Armani handbag. How he had resented women such as these. So sophisticated and confident, pursuing well dressed, well established men, and never even considering a man of his caliber. Granted, he did not have the financial means as some of the men they pursued, but if only they knew of his unique and creative talents they would think differently. He was sure of it.

Henry would savor the woman’s kiss the most. An act he demanded from all of the ladies. She was so full of life; a feeling he had never experienced. He was anxious to see how confident she was. So far, no one had disappointed him.

How many nights had he fallen to sleep after fantasizing about erotically kissing her, their tongues entwined and exploring, and their passion leading to intimately expressing their love for each other. Yes, this new obsession had been well worth his time.


Still deep in thought and thinking about what she should do with her life, Alyssa walked into Bloomingdales to look for new cloth napkins. Upon entering the store, she bumped into a man, maybe in his thirties. She excused herself and he had smiled warmly at her, but something about him made her feel uncomfortable. Alyssa’s hair on her neck rose as a slight chill ran down her spine, her woman’s intuition was warning her of something not being right, but she could not identify it precisely; after all she had never met this man before. His hair was combed, but oh so oily, that it looked like he hadn’t showered for days. He had shaved, but several razor nicks marked his face making Alyssa wonder if he had a brand new razor or just very inept at shaving. The latter seemed more probable. In addition, he had a dark birthmark above his left eyebrow, giving him a very unique look. His clothes were not expensive and they had not been ironed so he had this kind of clean-messy look. He wasn’t wearing a ring, which did not surprise Alyssa at all and when he asked if she could help him find a gift for his mother, she figured he lived with her. Alyssa politely declined because she had an appointment; however she recommended that he find a sales associate to assist him.

The man was not astonished by her refusal to accommodate his request and she had certainly not been as impolite as other women in his past. Historically, most women were verbally rude and left him feeling like a loser. There was nothing worse than feeling inferior to another human being.

Just talking to such a beautiful woman made his self-esteem soar. If he was such an ugly, bad person, she wouldn’t have even spoken one word and instead walked off giving him a glaring, disapproving look. However this time, the brief conversation had given him an emotional high. With a renewed energy in his step, he entered Bloomingdales. This interaction had made him feel like he had potential as he quickly headed for the escalator.

Totally unknown to Alyssa, this man had discovered her accidentally while eating out at a restaurant. He had been mesmerized by her beauty. She was this six foot, golden tan beauty, whose vibrant eyes and strong facial features —yet delicate bone structure, created the most gorgeous contrast. She had been wearing this lovely purple silk blouse that hung loosely open sharing an innocent view of what appeared to be wonderfully round and firm breasts. Her lipstick made her lips shine and her beautifully white, straight teeth made her whole face light up when she smiled.

How he had been longing to have someone special in his life and he was trying to make an honest effort in meeting a nice girl. This level of thinking was something very new for him and so far he had not been successful.

He chuckled to himself as he remembered wanting so badly to know her name and then totally unexpectedly as he watched her from a distance, his eyes had caught sight of her picture on the front page of a fashion magazine being sold at a local street vendor. His heart felt like it was doing an Irish jig as it pounded hard and steady. The realization that not only was she famous, but now he could have her picture with him at all times brought immediate enjoyment. He bought several magazines as his zest for wanting to know everything about her intensified.

Taking two steps at a time expediting his journey up the escalator in hot pursuit of this beautiful lady; now known to him as his precious, he quickly caught a glimpse of her as she made her way around a corner. He could sense his physical arousal was intensifying just like the birth of a grass fire on a drought stricken summer day; starting small but growing by leaps and bounds as the wind fueled the fire. Being so close to his dream girl required him to pull his shirt out of his pants, trying to conceal his true internal desires.

Alyssa rounded the corner of the domestics department while pondering about flying her mother and sister out to New York City for a weekend. Maybe having her family close by would help alleviate this feeling of homesickness she was frequently being plagued with. She wanted their time to be fun and treasured and one they would look back on in years to come. She had already looked into the newest Broadway shows and had spoken with an elite designer to create a personal outfit for both of them.

Alyssa’s sister, Elizabeth, was an attractive girl; like Alyssa, but wasn’t model perfect. She had big brown eyes, dark brown shoulder length hair—almost appearing black, with high cheek bones that accentuated her strong jawline. Unlike Alyssa, Elizabeth was 5 ft. 7 inches and a little on the heavier side. Her most stunning attribute was her vivacious personality and people immediately adored her. Having a quick wit kept a crowd laughing until tears rolled down their faces. She had always been the life of the party and Alyssa missed their long talks and regular fashion critique sessions at a local shopping mall.

Elizabeth liked eclectic and bright color combinations; nothing close to Alyssa’s style, but she always had a way of carrying it off. Alyssa would have looked like a clown in them, but not Elizabeth; she would shine. It must have been her spunky and somewhat zany personality that allowed her to look so wonderful in them. Alyssa wondered what a magazine like LIZ would think of her if she walked into their lobby unannounced. She could not imagine what type of outfit her sister would choose. The designer will freak at her personal taste. Oh well, it will be fun all the same.

Thinking of her sister’s fashion sense was brightening her mood. Even though she wore a small smile on the outside, there was a much larger one looming inside. She had always appreciated her family and because of her lack of attendance at special family gatherings, she thought this would be a nice way to make them feel special and loved: not to mention a chance to reduce her guilt.

With a small little chuckle, Alyssa navigated her way through the domestics to the linens area. Being a favorite department, she planned on buying new table linens for the occasion.

Her gaze slowly panned the assortment, pausing now and then on some possibilities, but when her eyes fell upon some wonderfully bright napkins and placemats, she knew these were exactly what she was looking for. Colors of blue, green, red, and yellow leaped off the napkins like a butterfly flitting from one flower to the next extracting sweet nectar. She started envisioning bright colored dinnerware, fresh flowers, and fun foods. Alyssa’s mother took great pride in designing a beautiful table when entertaining company and she usually integrated a theme. As these memories lovingly seeped into her mind, a warm glow was felt in her heart. Alyssa had never valued all these special moments until now. With these thoughts and feelings creeping back into her subconscious, her tender heart started to crave to be back in Wisconsin and once again a deep loneliness gradually replaced her warm and fuzzy feelings. She put down the napkins and thought that maybe she should go to Wisconsin instead of flying them into New York City, but when Alyssa picked them up again still deep in thought, her phone rang and she quickly answered it. Hello, this is Alyssa.

Alyssa, Suzanne here. Say, can you come over right away? We have a situation and we will need to do your shoot thirty minutes earlier than expected. Do you think you can make this happen?

Oh, by all means. I am only a few blocks away. See you in ten minutes.

Excellent. I so appreciate it. You are the best! Go straight to wardrobe and they will take care of you. Marsha will be waiting in make-up and then head to studio C. I will stick my head in towards the end of the shoot. Ciao.


Alyssa’s favorite editor was Suzanne Lundeby from LIZ Professional Magazine. So many of the magazine editors were stern and demanding—always keeping one guessing what was on his or her mind. Not Suzanne. She was warm and welcoming and seen as premier among the professional models and photographers. She loved what she did and never felt the need to be condescending and aggressive. Her staff, the photographers and the models all respected her and were willing to work hard to make her magazine the top ranked magazine. With that, Alyssa left the store not noticing the dark and ominous shadow behind her picking up the brightly colored napkins that her hands had held just a few minutes ago.


Upon arriving home, Henry placed the napkins into a kitchen drawer. The warm, loving feelings of minutes ago were being rapidly replaced as his insecurities slithered into the fore front of his brain flashing visions of the contempt past women had for him.

Anger surged through his body as all of his past experiences with women assaulted his heart relentlessly. Stuck with these negative thoughts in his head, his emotions continued to rage inside filling every crevice like a lizard slithering amongst a pile of stones. He moved to the living room and laid on the couch in silence; reality smashing harshly against his face, like a tsunami waking him up from his delusion. With a determined look on his face and a demonic kind of glow in his eyes, he shouted loudly, I will rob you and those wealthy men from ever being lovers! I deserve you, not them. They have no idea who you are or what makes you happy– but I do.

As his emotions spiraled wildly out of control, He fought back hard as he rationalized that he would show her and all of her rich friends that he was king. Not them! He ruled their worlds. How many other women had he already taken such liberty with? How many other families had he tormented? A lowly person not worth noticing on a street, ha! He did not need expensive cars or clothes to draw attention; although he certainly would not refuse such niceties if offered. Besides, he was already famous in some small way. Half of the criminal justice system was looking for him, but he was too cunning for them. For months, he had been murdering these spoiled rotten, self-centered women all over the country and the police weren’t even close to identifying him. That was because he was too smart! He took his time in preparing for their murder and therefore, never slipped up; although once he had almost acted too quickly and that would have changed everything. He would never be that sloppy or impulsive again. As always, his cunningness had saved the day.

Another smirk crossed his face as his thoughts continued to reminisce of days gone past; reassuring him he was in control. He made it a point to know their exact schedule, their mannerisms, and their vulnerabilities. They all had them; these women with looks and intelligence always had vulnerability. The passion and desire to have it, whatever that was, always outweighed their caution. The look on their face when they realized their mistake was precious and one he never forgot.

Thinking back to his first victim, made him chuckle to himself. Her desire to be a model outweighed her logic and he had gotten her so easily. Actually, it had been way too easy and took the fun out of it. His second victim, wanted to be a singer. What did these girls think? People are plucked off the street by agents and become instant stars? He had gotten bored with these types of girls. They were too dumb.

That is when he started pursuing the rich and elite. Now that was a victorious plan. All their families had power, money, influence, and yet he repeatedly took away their most prized possession; their daughters. How many parents had he seen on television pleading for their daughter’s return; pleading that he could have anything he wanted. What did they take him for, a beggar? No, society defined his lot in life and these rich people promoted the same philosophy every day of their lives without even noticing it. They repeatedly snubbed their noses at his kind of folk, always acting condescendingly toward his disposition in life. And yet, at this point in their lives with their daughter missing, they would humble themselves every time, like bowing down to a king—that was it! He would now refer to himself as King Henry. These people had to be taught that he had as much power as they did even though his bank account held dollars nothing like theirs. These people had to be taught that all people deserved to be treated with respect, not only their high-society friends. Yes, he had been sent into this world to right this wrong.

Trying to calm his heightened emotions took tremendous effort. He decided to go through the final arrangements again, because it had to be the way he had imagined for it was important to him that his bride-to-be was impressed and pleased with all of his hard work. But more than anything, he wanted her to love him. He yearned for her to look deep into his eyes with all sincerity and reach out and take his hands and hold them tight. He had read in a psychology magazine that touch is so important to a person’s being, although he could not remember the last time someone, besides his mother, had held his hand with caring feelings toward him.

After a moment in deep thought, he realized his mother had been the last as she rested on her death bed. She used to stroke his hand and it was ever so soothing. It always calmed his nerves. Oh, if only his bride would do the same. What a glorious act of kindness. But then again, these girls were not filled with acts of kindness, only self-indulgence. When was the last time someone on the street had taken the time to reach out to him? How many times had he tried to strike up a conversation with a pretty lady and she quickly answered and moved along before any real conversation could begin.

He had tried those dating agencies, but not one of the girls he had met had even wanted to hang out with him after the dinner. They always had somewhere else they needed to get to. Once he had followed his date after their date ended only to find out that she hooked up with other friends a few blocks away. The combination of the unexpected sting to his heart and his uncontrollable anger had almost created a knee jerk reaction. He had lunged forward to grab her, but thankfully he had a caught a glimpse of a police squad’s reflection in the glass window allowing him to retreat invisibly. That had been the time he almost reacted too quickly and it would have ruined his life. But it was the turning point for him.

His mother had said that when she was gone, God would always take care of him. But he had never known this God and he certainly did not feel like God was taking care of him. This personal relationship thing that pastors would talk about on Sunday mornings was something that he could not comprehend. He had never felt like a child of God and he had never experienced this unconditional love. The pastor had said, God loves you and offers a wonderful plan for your life. Man is sinful and separated from God, but by accepting His Son, Jesus, you can know His plan and experience His love. Just repent and acknowledge that you are sinful and then ask Jesus into your heart to be your personal Savior. His belief was that this whole theory was just a bad disillusionment. How could a guy who you cannot see take care of you? Humph…People were just plain dumb. It was fate not faith.

Now he had a mission to teach these girls and their families, that rude, snotty, little rich girls needed to be taught a lesson. Society did not seem to be able to do it justifiably, so he would see that justice was executed.


Alyssa proceeded to the Imperial Building to get dressed for her next shoot. She would speak to her agent about taking a two week vacation. After all, she deserved one and they couldn’t refuse her, could they? Alyssa made a mental note to review the fine print of her contract. Maybe Suzanne could assist her if there were problems. She had a daughter about her age and surely would understand her feelings to go and spend some time with her family. Maybe she should say her father was ill or something. No. That wouldn’t work. Alyssa’s father, Spencer, was a very successful businessman in the technology world and his company was on the brink of revealing a new technologically advanced product. With all the hype of his

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