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Making A Cake For Molly

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Making A Cake For Molly

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"Making" Molly's Cake is Book 1 in the series Lilly Likes to Cook, based on the author's personal experiences working with children in the kitchen. It is the story of Lilly,, an 8 year old girl, who learns that cooking is more than just making something to eat. Her journey starts with a cake disaster which, to her delight, she watches in fascination being turned into a triumph. She decides then that she wants to learn to cook. Along the way she discovers that cooking can be fun, creative, thought provoking,and very rewarding, especially when it provides a way to help people, make new friends, or strengthen relationships.. She also finds that her new interest teaches lessons about life that hold true away from the kitchen. All the books in the series contain recipes that are easy to make, require minimal kitchen skills, are child friendly and adult pleasing.

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