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Wine: Become A Wine Connoisseur – Learn The World Of Wine Tasting, Pairing and Selecting

Wine: Become A Wine Connoisseur – Learn The World Of Wine Tasting, Pairing and Selecting

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Wine: Become A Wine Connoisseur – Learn The World Of Wine Tasting, Pairing and Selecting

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Jan 19, 2016


Explore a Fascinating World of Wine and Food!
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Do you want to know more about wine and fine dining? Would you like to be an expert on flavor, aroma, texture, and more?
If so, Harry Lockwood’s Wine: Become a Wine Connoisseur – Learn The World of Wine Tasting, Pairing, and Selecting is the book for you! Inside, you’ll discover how to choose the best wines for every occasion! You’ll find out all about the sweet, acid, and tannin aspects of wine, and how to pair these flavors with meat, poultry, and fish:
and many more!
This book helps you appreciate wines in many ways—from wine history to the science of wine flavor and aroma. Harry Lockwood helps you understand the huge variety of wines from across the world—and how geography affects the character of a wine. You’ll find out about the many variety of grapes used for wine, their aromas and balance, and how to choose the best wines at every price point!
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Jan 19, 2016

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Become A Wine Connoisseur –

Learn The World Of Wine Tasting, Pairing and Selecting

James Waldorf

© Copyright 2015 James Waldorf - All rights reserved.

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1: A Potted History of Wine

Chapter 2: Choosing A Good Wine

--Read the reverse of the bottle

--Check the geography


--Grape variety



Chapter 3: The Basics of Wine Pairing

--Acidic food needs a high acid wine

--Wines with high tannin work best with fatty foods

--Fish pairs best with acids, not tannins

--Pair the wine with the star of the plate

--Sweeten the heat

--Sweet food needs sweet wine

--By region

--By type and color

Chapter 4: Pairing Wines With Meats

--Charcuterie (cold cuts)



--Game meats




Chapter 5: Pairing Wines With Poultry





Chapter 6: Pairing Wines With Fish

--Light flaky fish

--Medium flaky fish

--Meaty fish

--Strong tasting fish




Wine is drunk the world over, and it has been drunk by various civilizations for much longer than you probably imagine. People commonly attribute the reach of wine over the world to the Romans, and it seems logical, since they conquered half of the world and exported their cultural refinements with them. However, the oldest winery known to exist was discovered in a cave in Armenia around 4100 BC, and the remnants of fermented fruit and rice in China was uncovered almost 3,000 years before the Armenian discovery, back in 7000 BC.

That said, the Romans did more than any other civilization before or since to spread the pleasures of fermented grape juice. These days, there are so many different wines of varying quality you wouldn’t manage to try them all, however long you lived. It can get really intimidating when you’re confronted with endless rows of different wines when you go to pick up a bottle of red to go with your

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