I Did It My Way

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I Did It My Way

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In the spirit of "Unbroken" and "The Long Walk," this is the story of Wally Hill: WWII allied soldier, adventurer, rebel, and patriot. At only seventeen, during Wally's first skirmish in France, he was captured by the Nazis and marched with a procession of prisoners on a 100-mile trek—eating and drinking only what they could find along the way. But capture, torture, and imprisonment did not dampen his convictions or will to survive.

He was determined to do it his way, no matter what chains held him down, so Wally made thirteen daring escape attempts while in German POW camps before finally making his long way home. From battling on the fields of France to hard labor in Nazi stalags—and losing his true love while prisoner only to find her again decades later—Wally met his fate as prisoner, spy, and escapee with undaunted courage and devoted allegiance to his God and country.

Wally's story exemplifies the grit and determination of his generation and his strong hold on hope. Though he recently passed away, finishing this book was his last great journey. He asked that it be titled after his favorite song and the message that grounded his life. Wally's story will long stay on your mind—the inspiring tale of a spirit that refused to be restrained and imprisoned.

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