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Jelly Roll Quilts II

Jelly Roll Quilts II

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Jelly Roll Quilts II

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Mar 15, 2016


Enjoy 8 inspirational patterns perfect for weekend projects. All designs use 2 1/2" strips in the construction making this your go-to book for moments when you want to create the perfect quilt without all the added planning and preping. Save time and frustration by using preselected and precut strips.
Mar 15, 2016

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Jelly Roll Quilts II - Annie's

Pattern Services and Revisions

If you are an Annie’s customer and have a question about the instructions on a pattern you have purchased, please visit:


To download templates for easy printing, view the download instructions at the end of this book or click the Templates chapter in the Table of Contents.


Working with 2½ strips can be fun and a time-saver. You can purchase precut and color-coordinated strips, or you can use your stash to create your own economical color mix. Whether you purchase strips or choose to cut your own, you’re in for a real treat. The versatility of 2½ strips may surprise you.

More Jelly Roll Quilts has eight great patterns with alternate-size options to create four more. Each pattern uses precut strips in unique ways, and the patterns are designed to get the most out of your strips. This book has everything from runners to bed quilts. Once you discover the ease of piecing with strips, you’ll want to purchase or cut more. The possibilities are endless once you allow yourself to explore 2½" strips. Be creative—just think of the many combinations that are possible and enjoy using your stash in unique ways.

Table of Contents

Pattern Services and Revisions


Modern Music

Basket Weave Table Runner


Jelly or Jam

Kool Kats Bed Runner

Bouncing Cubes

The Roundabout Quilt


General Information

Quilting Basics

Special Thanks


Modern Music

The construction is easy and allows for lots of creative color placement.

Designed & Quilted by Holly Daniels


I just like to play around with layering and optical effects; sometimes something fun comes out of it. —Holly Daniels

Skill Level

Confident Beginner


Quilt Size: 60 x 60

Block Size: 16 x 16 finished

Number of Blocks: 9


•40 (2½" by fabric width) light/medium/dark tonals and prints strips

•⅝ yard light print

•1⅝ yards dark print

•Backing to size

•Batting to size


•Basic sewing tools and supplies

Project Notes

Read all instructions before beginning this project.

Stitch right sides together using a ¼" seam allowance unless otherwise specified.

Materials and cutting lists assume 40" of usable fabric width.

Designer’s Tip

Cut the longest rectangles (16½ and 12 ½) first and then use the remainder of the strips for smaller pieces. To increase variety, cut one long piece from each dark/medium strip.


The cutting list and instructions steps will make five identical Modern Music 1 blocks and four identical Modern Music 2 blocks. Refer to the Designer’s Tip for hints to change value placement from block to block and adjust your cutting as needed.

From dark

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