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Achieving your Award in Education and Training: The Comprehensive Course Companion

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The Award in Education and Training is the entry qualification for teaching in a range of learning contexts across the further education and skills sector. It comprises three units, which are fully covered by this textbook. These are as follows:


Understanding Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships in Education and Training


Understanding and Using Inclusive Teaching and Learning Approaches in Education and Training


Understanding Assessment in Education and Training


This textbook is written for all awarding organisations and focuses on each of the learning outcomes and assessment criteria of these three units, provides examples of current practice in the sector and adopts a user-friendly approach to explaining concepts and principles. It is therefore essential reading for anyone hoping to pass the Award in Education and Training, as well as gaining a fuller appreciation of the subject and practice in the sector.


The author provides a range of professional perspectives when examining topics, which should prove useful for the course and also in preparing to enter the sector. He draws on his extensive experience as a lecturer, senior manager, educational consultant and on his work with external bodies, such as the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) as a Reviewer and awarding organisations as an Examiner, Standards Verifier and Centre Quality Reviewer. This experience ensures the currency and relevance of the examples used in this textbook.


The textbook entitled Meeting the Assessment Requirements of the Award in Education and Training complements this textbook by providing detailed guidance on how to structure responses to assessment tasks.


The principal benefits of this textbook to the reader are as follows:


It is written by an experienced practitioner with extensive experience across the further education and skills sector, occupying a variety of roles;


It adopts a practical approach to topics, reflecting current practice in the sector;


It is clearly written and easy to understand;


It fully addresses each of the learning outcomes and assessment criteria in a systematic way, which makes completing the course and assessments in a short timeframe achievable;


It provides a broader range of information and examples, which should prove useful when preparing to enter the sector, such as attending job interviews for teaching related posts.


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