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I Must Be Out of My Mind to Have the Mind of Christ

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I Must Be Out of My Mind to Have the Mind of Christ

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Most of us learn to pray as small children. We pray for our parents, our siblings, other family members, and our pets. As we get older, our prayers change, becoming more mature. Besides praying for the well-being of family and friends and even the world, we may find us praying for material things and for what we want our lives to be. While we may know what we wantwhat is in our mindsdo we know what is in God’s mind? Do we ask God to show us what is in His mind for us and for our lives? In I Must Be Out of My Mind, author June Martin offers a guide to learning to use your prayers to get to know God’s purpose for your life. Follow Jesus’s outline for daily worship by reading the passage, poem, thought, or song provided and then inserting prayer requests. Martin’s I Must Be Out of My Mind provides the tools necessary to walk in the Spirit and to fight the spiritual battle for our souls, spouses, children, grandchildren, and friends. We need to use the weapons God has provided.
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