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How to Build a Greenhouse

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How to Build a Greenhouse

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How to Build a Greenhouse with plans

Table of Contents
Chapter 1
Introduction to Greenhouses
Design considerations
Choosing a site for your Greenhouse
Chapter 2
Types of Greenhouses
Based on Shape
Based on Utility
Based on Construction Material
Based on Covering Materials
Chapter 3
Elements of a Greenhouse
Concrete Foundation
Concrete Slab Foundation
Wood Foundation
Plumbing and Wiring
Advantages of permanent floor
Advantages of temporary floor
Framing of Walls and Roof
Wall Framing Tips
Framing of Doors and Vents
Roof Framing
Calculating Heat Requirements for your Greenhouse
Heat Conservation Tips
Evaporative Cooling
Greenhouse Maintenance
Chapter 4
Greenhouse Plans

A greenhouse is a house made of glass or plastic where plants are grown; it is also called a hothouse or a glasshouse, which allows as much light as possible and protects the plants from winter and cold winds. One can use the greenhouse for the entire planting process i.e., from sowing the seeds to harvesting the produce.

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