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Heart to Heart: Meeting With God in the Lord's Prayer

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Heart to Heart: Meeting With God in the Lord's Prayer

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Rediscover the world's best-known prayer ... and connect with God the Father in a powerful, personal way.

Even for the most committed Christian, prayer--and the Bible--can feel dry and even meaningless.  

We don't want to admit it. What would others think if we confessed that the Lord's Prayer, the world's most beloved and best-known prayer, taught by Jesus himself--leaves us empty? 

And even more than that, we truly want to connect with God. It seems like this SHOULD be the way. But how do we break through years of "vain repetition" to make the connection we seek? 

As deeply personal as this feeling is, it's not new--and it's not just you. Disconnection from God and his Word have been a human problem from the beginning. And it was just this disconnection Jesus came to break through, starting with a single word:


With that one word, Jesus Christ ushered his disciples into a new relationship with their Creator. With a single prayer, he opened a door into the heart of God and called men and women to walk through it. 

The Lord's Prayer is a prayer, a pattern, and an invitation, deeply layered and intensely personal, even as it transcends personal concerns and reaches for the kingdom. 

In this highly engaging and personal work, Rachel Starr Thomson takes readers on a journey through the most powerful prayer of all time--straight to the heart of the Father.

Rediscover the world's most renowned prayer--and this time, in a way that will change your own life. 

Buy Heart to Heart: Meeting with God in the Lord's Prayer today!

Life-Changing, Inspirational Christian Books: From the Author
Hey, my name is Rachel Starr Thomson. I love Jesus and believe wholeheartedly in the power of words to change our lives. In my books and at my blog, Revelatory Creative, it is my desire to explore the kingdom of God through the Scriptures, through healthy Christian spirituality, and through connection with God's people around the world.

Whoever you are, I believe in you. I believe your life has immeasurable worth. I believe you were personally handcrafted by a loving Creator with a vision and purpose for your life. I believe your struggles, your dreams, and your hurts matter. I believe you walk a path no one else does, one that is intended to benefit the world.

This why I write. I want my readers to discover depths of truth about themselves, about the world, and about God that stretch and inspire them. 

I hope you'll enjoy what you read and come back for more. Most of all, I hope that through my work, you'll forge a new depth of connection with the God who truly loves you.

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