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Knowing the Value of Green Manure: Using Green Manure for a Richer Fertile Soil

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Knowing the Value of Green Manure: Using Green Manure for a Richer Fertile Soil

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Table of Contents

Knowing the Value of Green Manure
Using green manure for a richer fertile soil
Table of Contents
A Green Manure Experiment
The Green Manure Revolution
Taking Care Of the Green Manure Crop
Types of Green Manures
Mustard As a Green Fertilizer
Purifying “Dirty” Land
“The Little Man”
Paucity of Water?
Lime in Your Soil
Author Bio


A good example of green manure – Phacelia tanacetifolia

For a number of us gardeners out there, experienced as well as newbies, the moment somebody tells us about nourishing the soil, our minds immediately go back straight to the packages of chemical fertilizer that we have bought so recently. And if we are organically minded, we think of the compost that has been decomposing in one corner of our garden, for the past 6 months.

I wrote a book called Feeding the Hungry Soil about how you can feed the hungry side with a large amount of natural compost, leaf compost, poultry manure, and bone meal and other ways in which the soil can replenish the nourishment which it has lost during the growing of your harvest.

If you are interested in knowing more about this particular essential area of helping your garden to grow naturally you can purchase this book on Amazon.

This book is a continuation of how you can keep feeding the land. Naturally, you are going to be using time-tested and timeworn methods, which have been used for millenniums, and which have never poisoned the earth.

Not many people know about green manuring. When I spoke about this to a horticulturalist friend, he said in a really tired sort of way – oh, you so boring botanists, whatever will you think up next? When I told him all about green manuring, he told me that he really did not have the time and the energy to promote this particular face of agriculture in his agriculture college, because really, who would like to dig deep in the ground, and put in green fertilizer? He had much better and less wearying things to do.

When I told him that this was the way in which city soil in which the sand content was really high, could be made fertile again, he told me to experiment beforehand, and show him the proof, in a herb garden, so that he may think of applying this part of gardening know-how in his agricultural curriculum and practical practice.

So, why am I advocating green manuring? If you are a person of Faith, just look around you. Give thanks to the bounty given to you by Mother Nature and by God. After that, you may want to look at the holy Bible. In Leviticus, God said that the land has to rest every 7 years.

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