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How To Draw

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How To Draw

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Table of Contents

Chapter # 1: The Concept Behind The Art Of Drawing
Chapter # 2: Drawing Techniques
(a.)Observational drawing
(b.)Memory drawing
(c.)Imagination drawing
Chapter # 3: Sketching
Chapter # 4: Usefulness Of Drawing Art
Kindles brain development
Assists in problem solving
Generates earnings
Brings people together
Enables one to love learning and be creative
Develops one’s confidence
Alleviates stress
It acts as a means of communication
It is a form of leisure activity
Chapter # 5: Common Drawing Mistakes
Being afraid of shading dark
Using the wrong pencil to draw
Using the wrong paper for drawing
Having the wrong drawing proportion
Drawing pets from your eye level
Aligning the facial feature
Pencil lines
Chapter # 6: How to improve your drawing skills
Drawing repeatedly
Look at other drawings
Draw from other drawings
Keeping a sketchbook
Draw from existing photographs
Taking drawing classes
Creative Drawing Tips
Chapter # 7: Understanding basic drawing presumptions
Know How To Hold A Pencil
Draw what you see
Draw often
Chapter # 8: Steps Of Simple Observational Drawing
Chapter #9: Steps Of Memory Drawing
Chapter #10: Drawing From Imagination
About the Author


Drawing is an art where images are produced. Drawing can be all about creativity. Drawing is one major form of expression within the visual arts. Drawing is often explanatory, with considerable emphasis on observation, problem solving, and composition. Drawing is one of the oldest forms of human expression with evidence for its existence.

There are many reasons as to why people draw: satisfactions being one of the reasons, the satisfaction people get when they see your painting of them, the satisfaction they get and the satisfaction you get when you see them happy for that painting you have made, it’s like giving of a gift to the ones you love.

Drawing is a workmanship or method through which one produces images on a surface, in most cases the surface is usually a paper plane. For one to ace the art of drawing, time as an investment is required, as there are numerous drawing lessons that one needs to learn. In order to love this art, you need to make drawing a part of your day to day routine. So many individuals believe that for one to be a flawless drawer, the skill ought to be characteristically inborn or hereditary. However, this isn't usually the case; drawing can and ought to be for everyone, it is a skill that can be practiced by anyone. Anybody can draw, as long as you have the desire and will to at least try. All you need to do is to be educated on the vital drawing rules and regulations in order for you to ace this lovely craftsmanship.

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