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Big Things, Small Packages Book I

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Big Things, Small Packages Book I

Lunghezza: 98 pagine1 ora


Through the Blood of Jesus Christ – Big things really do come in small packages; even as a mustard seed – Matthew 13:31-32. A beautiful collection of fictional, short sequences created to assist you in your spiritual growth of our Heavenly Father as He so desperately wants us to do. The characters in my stories are those living in sin, those not there yet, and those who are saved. My stories are designed for you to reflect on your current situations and to make your lives spiritually better. My stories will also uplift your spirits, bring peace to your hearts, and teach you how to love our Heavenly Father even more! Whether you would like to initially know who our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is, you would like to come back home to Him, or you would like to further nourish your spiritual soul, these stories are specifically designed – without regard to race, creed, color or gender – to assist you in your journey. Please enjoy the following synopsis:

Through (Part I – The Invitation): Part I is an amazing sequence about a woman's three-day spiritual journey with a complete stranger who showed a very remarkable resemblance to Jesus. The story is based on his comment 'through'.

The Forgotten: The Forgotten is a story about a woman who, all of a sudden, decided to stop doing life's normal tasks (tying her shoes, eating, taking a bath, etc.). Did “someone” forget about “someone?” This story carries a shocking and surprising ending!

Habits (Part I – Crickets): Choices and Consequences begin at a four-way intersection: Going north, you will find a habit called the Salvation Habit that is good to you and good for you. Going west several miles up, you will find a habit that is called the Coming Home Habit. Going east, you will run into a habit called the Comfort Zone Habit and will provide you everything you ask for - whether it is fear, drugs, health problems, sex out of marriage, anger, and the list goes on and on. The Comfort Zone Habit will sit in you and make you feel that this is your identity. Going back south, you will run into the Satan Habit that is empty to describe, hates the ground you walk on, and is where Satan resides. This habit is the creator of the Comfort Zone Habit and roams through the Coming Home Habit to win over souls. Each book will contain a creative story from all four directions: 1. North – Salvation Habit, 2. West – Coming Home Habit 3. East – Comfort Zone Habit 4. South – Satan Habit

The Searcher: The Searcher is a story of a woman who was spiritually fed as a child; however, she unfortunately went astray as an adult and felt too unworthy to come back to God’s presence. This story will captivate you!

Identify Identity, Identity Identified (Part I – Derrick): Identity does not begin at birth, nor does it begin at adulthood. Identify Identity, Identity Identified are stories of people who learned their true identity and of some, unfortunately, who did not. In Part I of an amazing sequence, Derrick accused others for his own disobedience and had to learn the hard way that he wasn’t a true man yet, even at the age of 53. All of the stories in Identify Identity, Identity Identified are based on people who, male or female, were approached with that decision, so that they could possibly identify their purpose of life. I will take you through the times and testimonies of these fictional characters, some of whom listened to the Lord and some of whom did not – and who faced the consequences. The objectives for my fictional characters are to first identify their true identity from the Lord Jesus Christ – and then their true identity would be identified.

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