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Iridology – A Complete Guide, Vol. 1 (revised edition)

Iridology – A Complete Guide, Vol. 1 (revised edition)

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Iridology – A Complete Guide, Vol. 1 (revised edition)

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Nov 4, 2015


Vol. 1 includes the chapters "Eyes of the World," "Why Iridology?," "History of Constitutions," "Faridian Constitutions," "Iris Maps" and "Iris Rings," "Vocabulary," "Iridology Manifesto" and "Bibliography & Recommended Media."

Vol. 2 includes the chapters "Iris Textures," "Iris Depth & Height," "Iris Fibers," and "Iris Openings", "Vocabulary," "Iridology Manifesto" and "Bibliography & Recommended Media."

Vol. 3 includes the chapters "Iris Colors," "Radii Soleris," "Iris Radials," "Pupil Dynamics," "Iris Brain Zones," "Sclera," "Iridology Explorers," "Vocabulary," "Chronology," "Iridology Manifesto," "Healing Diets," "Herbal Nutrition," Naturopathy Treatments" and "Bibliography & Recommended Media."

Nov 4, 2015

Informazioni sull'autore

Farida Sharan ND lives and teaches multinationally between England, the United States of America and other countires.She has travelled to teach in many countries including Iceland, Thailand, Australia, Malaysia, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Cayman Islands and Canada. Also students travel from all over the world to attend trainings to become Naturopaths, Iridologists, Herbalists, Reflexologists, Essential Oils and Flower Essence practitioners and Healing Diets Coaches & Educators. The school is based on Self Healing so that all graduates embody the teachings and become living examples, inspiration and authentic guides for those seeking health, wellness and healing.Sharan is the author of The Old Man and His Soul, Iridology – a Complete Guide; Herbs of Grace - Becoming Independently Healthy; and Creative Menopause - Illuminating Women's Health & Spirituality & Flower Child and Flower Child in the Summer of Love.In recent years Farida developed transformational movement processes to accompany purification and regeneration programs, and unique teaching methods that activate joy and enthusiasm in professional training programs. Sharan visited Naturopathic Clinics in many countries to research traditional programs and has guided annual group purification retreats at the Institute of Naturopathic & Yogic Sciences in Bangalore, India, Tao Garden in Thailand, Private Island Retreat in the Philippines and the Ann Wigmore Living Foods Institute in Rincon, Puerto Rico.Faridais a Fellow of the Guild of Naturopathic Iridologists, Professional Member of the American Herbalists Guild, a Certified Massage Therapist and a Certified Yoga Instructor. Sharan founded the British Register of Iridologists which is still regarded as the premier register by the Institute of Complementary & Alternative Medicine in London.After attending the University of British Columbia, Farida was a scholarship student at Santa Monica College, specializing in child development and psychology. While raising three children she became a yoga teacher and licensed massage and beauty therapist, eventually managing the Canyon Golf & Racquet Club Spa in Palm Springs. During summer breaks she studied living and raw food healing processes and developed a teaching based on purification, regeneration and transformation after healing breast cancer naturally.During twelve years in Cambridge England in the seventies and eighties, Farida received her Master Herbalist diploma from Dr. Christopher's School of Natural Healing and her Naturopathy diploma from the British Register & Council. During this time she founded the British School of Iridology and the School of Natural Medicine and played a major role in teaching Iridology in England, bringing all the world teachers such as Dr. Raymond Christopher, Dr. Bernard Jensen, Dorthy Hall, Denny Johnson, Willy Hauser and Harri Wolf for seminars and conferences to Cambridge University.In todays world in 2016, Farida works with selected clients by email. phone and skype and a personal visit whenever possible, however for the most part, Self Healing with dedicated students brings the best results as they also learn to create healthy food and process deep seated emotional and mental life approaches.During the 1980's, Farida enjoyed seeing clients in London in Dame Dr. Shirley Bond MD Kensington and Harley Street practice, and worked closely with the Bristol Cancer Clinic and the Gerson Cancer Center, receiving many referrals. She was awarded a Doctorate (MD) from Medicina Alternativa in Copenhagen and became a Fellow of the Guild of Naturopathic Iridologists. She also served as a Director and Editor of the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine in London, England.

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Iridology – A Complete Guide, Vol. 1 (revised edition) - Farida Sharan

IRIDOLOGY – A Complete Guide, Vol. 1

Revised Edition

by Farida Sharan

Published by Wisdome Press

Boulder, Colorado

© 1986 Farida Jeannine Sharan. All rights reserved

Smashwords Edition, License Notes

This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you’re reading this book and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please return to and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author


Iridology – A Complete Guide is dedicated to the Light of the Soul shining through the Iris of the Eye.


The birth of the Revised Edition of Iridology – A Complete Guide has been made possible through the contributions of two dedicated passionate co-creators.

Carolyn Oakley has been a constant fun and laughter friend and consultant support, week after week, over more than two years on this project (and twenty years over all other book projects) – co-creating the cover, the book design, formatting, and images, right to the final submission and the completed book with caring skill and sensitivity.

Bonny Casel, my daughter, participated with editing, drawing, offering generous and loving support in the midst of her own creative and very full life.

Gratitude is offered to all those who have touched my heart during thousands of consultations, where I witnessed the light brighten in their eyes as they began to understand their own unique life and body, and become inspired to make efforts toward wellness and healing.

Further gratitude is offered to the many hundreds of students over forty years who were dedicated to dive deeply into Self-Healing based on Naturopathy classes in Iridology, Healing Diets, Herbal Medicine, Flower Essences, Essential Oils, and Reflexology.

With passionate dedication they embarked on embodiment of the teachings as they progressed toward becoming a living example, educator and guide for those seeking health, wellness and healing.

Observing the truth of these teachings manifesting in their lives has proved a wellspring of inspiration.


The Eyes of the World

1 – Why Iridology?

2 – History of Constitutions

3 – Faridian Constitutions

4 – Iris Maps

5 – Iris Rings

Appendix I – Vocabulary

Appendix II – Iridology Manifesto

Bibliography & Recommended Media

Contact Information

Other Books by Farida Sharan

The Eyes of the World

We live in this life within an ocean of energy, the life of each person streaming communication from the eyes, the light of each person’s innermost self radiating outward, connecting and exchanging with that of other living creatures. When we radiate warmth and nurturing, life meets life in communion.

We also receive light from the world, which we take into our being, as our view of the world happens before our eyes, moment to moment, every second. This pageant of light and color floods us, bathing every cell of our being with energy and vitality. Life dances in front of us, constantly enchanting us with its kaleidoscopic flow. Eighty-five percent of what we experience is taken in through our most important sense organ, the eyes, into the discriminatory brain centers. How we live our life in response to this information is our unique life story.

The eye is a two-way threshold, energy giving inward and outward. How open is this gateway? Do we welcome the light and energy from the world? Do we radiate warmth and love from our spirit and heart to those we meet? Do the veils of fear, selfishness, shyness, disinterest, greed or anger inhibit this flow of spirit to the world, and to other living beings?

Eyes tell us many things. We have all experienced the flash of anger, the ice cold scornful look of disapproval or rejection, or the bored indifferent stare. It is as though the thought and heart of each person speaks through their eyes. Eyes dance. They sparkle with joy and leap with merry laughter. They also reveal exhaustion. We can be drawn towards someone’s eyes, wanting to look into them more and more, yet other eyes make us turn away in fear or discomfort. Often, women turn their eyes away when men stare at them. We may feel scorned, welcomed or totally blessed by the glance from someone’s eyes.

Think of the eyes of someone you love. You are drawn to them as if by an irresistible magnet. Their love touches you, stirs your innermost heart and you long for more. You can speak so many deep feelings without words. Whether it is an infant, child, sister, brother, mother, friend, or lover, your closest relationships will always include this language of the eyes.

An ancient Chinese text says: ‘The liver opens into the eyes,’ ‘when the liver receives blood, the eyes can see,’ or ‘when the liver is harmonized, the eyes can distinguish the five colors.’ All the organs contribute their purest energy to the eyes, giving the bright awareness that characterizes harmonious spirit. A healthy liver contributes a relaxed, easy-going internal environment and an even disposition, all of which shine out of the eyes.

When we are afraid or shy, and we do not want to be known, we hide our eyes. We turn away from the light in other peoples’ eyes. We may speak to each other but we do not connect with the radiating life stream unless we look into their eyes.

We are irresistibly drawn to eyes because of our inherent seeking after light and spirit. When people pass each other, they may avoid each other’s eyes or turn away after catching the other’s eye. How different it is if a person turns to you and flashes a welcoming glance. No words are needed. The person has greeted you from their spirit and you feel the effect of that in your heart and mind. There is a world behind each person’s eyes, a world that can be shared or hidden away. We can hold our loving energy back and cut off from giving it to others or we can let it flow, bathing those around us with the spirit we nourish inside. If we have something special to give and share, it will radiate from our eyes. Remember a time when the glance from someone’s eyes meant something special to you. The memories of those you love include the light and the love that shone from their eyes.

Babies stare intently into the eyes of those around them. Their pure new natures are actively involved in learning about the world around them, and they find a connection reality in the eyes that surround them, as though eyes were the center of the dance of life. Children seek interaction with the world with open faces and wide eyes.

Different cultures have their unique manners regarding eye contact. For example, some cultures look with direct eyes that pierce deeply, curiosity flashing. In India, your presence on a beach will attract crowds of onlookers whose only purpose is to stare at you. Yet, in the West, if someone stares at you, you think they want to start a fight or that they have an ulterior motive. On a train in England, if you happen to catch someone’s eyes, they turn away. Muslim woman are hidden behind the dark veils, yet their eyes reveal the strong quality of the women underneath, their longing, their fearful shyness, as well as their courage and strength. Shy children hide their eyes behind their hands, as if to become invisible.

In old age, when poor health dims the vision, the pupils contract, and the elderly drift into dreams and memories, loosening their connection with the outside world. Just as they shut down their ability to receive, they also shut out the expression of their own love and light. When you see an older person alive and vibrant with life, their eyes sparkle brightly with wisdom and enjoyment of connection.

Eyes surround us everywhere we look. Even if we disdain the company of fellow human beings, we still meet the eyes of other living creatures. Remember a time when you looked onto a garden, meadow or mountain and suddenly saw the shining eyes of a living creature among the leaves or trees, or the glowing eyes of night owls, or the eyes of an animal caught in the light of the fire or the moon. The conscious recognition and the spark of the exchange is experienced by both the creature and the human being.

The seductive displays of advertising and media presentations are abundant with eyes that gaze at us from every magazine, newspaper, television and movie screen. Every season, new colors and makeup techniques enhance the lure of eyes. Women in every country and culture enhance their beauty with eye makeup, from the black kohl of the Egyptians, to Moroccan henna painting, African tatoos, and North American clay markings. ‘Look at my eyes’, they say, ‘Look at me. Love me. Desire me.’

Eyes also have a transforming spiritual power. When a disciple sits at the feet of a spiritual teacher, they receive ‘darshan’ – the special glance of consciousness that emanates from the master. One look is said to burn off the karma of 10,000 lives, and uplift the devotee into a cool, blissful radiance and a perfect peace. With spiritual practice devotees learn

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