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Monon Behavior Ciu

Monon Behavior Ciu

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Monon Behavior Ciu

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30 giu 2014


A funny pseudo-scientific journal in which humour and science are mixed, in the same way in which also english and italian languages are mixed. The result is a very comic sort of "new esperanto".
This is the second chapter of the Mononic saga, with studies about the ethilometre, Triest and triestins, how to risparmiate money, best places fo "camporeling", new funny botanic species and many other stupid things.
You will laugh from the beginning to the end.
30 giu 2014

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Monon Behavior Ciu - Diego Manna




Bianca&Volta Edizioni © 2010

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isbn 978-88-96400-01-2 (printed edition)

isbn 978-88-96400-27-2 (ePub edition)

Tutti i diritti riservati. Riproduzione anche parziale e con qualsiasi mezzo vietata.

A Piccola e Mitzi



A magazine for the exchange of news, information and monades between sciementist of the world.

Registered TS-Monad No.6106990, Spritz cocal, Triest.

Monon Behavior is published eight time a year: the approximate publication date are co ne gira, co gavemo voia, co gavemo bale, co xe el quel, in occasion dela quela, doman, faremo, se no farà romolo.

Annual subscriptions

Triestins: a gratis

Furlans: 500 euri

Europe: 20 euri

Others: fè voi

You can pagar only with contants. Just put the money in a boosta and send it to us. If you don’t receive your copy in time, it’s a problem that must be resolved. How? We don’t know. Maybe we will make a study about this problem.

Advertisements (publicità, dei)

If you want to insert an advertisement in our magazine you can pay only 50 euri/words. Maybe we will publish it. Advertisements are not accepted from too serious persons or for product that are not totally inutil. Money is always accepted.

Back numbers

Many back numbers from 1998 are still available. Photocopies can be provided also. If you have finished your toilet paper, maybe they can be very useful.


The editor welcome original contributions, which may be of any length, but not too long and smarrooning. They must be written with OpenOffice that is a gratis and must be inpaginated as we want, so we don’t have to do fadiga to resize and reorganized them. Contributions should be accompanied by photographs, figures and tables where appropriate. Contributions from female authors must be accompanied by photographs and telephone number of the author. The editor reserves the right to alter the material without prior consultation se no ghe piasi. The editor reserves the right to use the paper as toilet paper se ghe scampa.

Submit or be destroyed!

Opinion expressed by contributors are their own and we don’t want longhi.

All riferiments about furlans are only monades and we don’t want ciapar lignade next time we pass the Isonzo.

Cover illustrion: Cover illustration: A ring-tailed lemur (Lemur catta) giving clanfa lessons. Pupol by Erika Ronchin

All original monada in Monon Behavior is copyright throughoughout the world.

© 2010 Monon Behavior


I’m ahead, I’m a man

I’m the first mammal to wear pants, yeah!

[E. Vedder]

It’s evolution baby!

Some months have passed from the publication of Monon Behavior 69/90, some things have evolved and some not. For example, the national soccer team insists in convocking players from Udinese, while all people know very well that the future is obviously the Unione. Instead, a thing that have evolved is the cocai problem in Triest. In the last number we said that there was a great war between cats and cocals to became the favorite animals of the old triestines, that rapidly evolved from gatare to cocalare. Now, a third incomode sbucked out from the wood and is rapidly increasing in number and in ingordige: the ceenghial. The ceenghial is more powerful than the cat, so the cocai are intimidited and the cocalare are slowly evolving in ceenghialare. In this diabolic triangle, the cats are secretly making alliance with the ceenghials to give the final shoot to the cocals, stremated also by another newcomer: the cornacks. The situation is very incert: the cats are quotated 1.2:1, the ceenghials 1.5:1, the cocals 2:1 and the cornacks nissun le ga pel cool. Cats are quotated so low because the bookmakers have napated their secret plan: their alliance with the ceenghials will finish when the cocals will finally submit. Then, the cats will lofiate all the ceenghials to the osmeezars that in change will give them a 10% of the total parsut of ceenghial produced.

However, I didn’t want to tell this story in this editorial, but now I’ve forgotten what I have to say. Probably monades. Bon, in the last number of MB we analyzed the triestin way of life. In this number, we will analyze the triestin way of life. We will approfondite the theme of the clanfa, trying to understand the evolution of its complexity, we will examine the usage of the triestin dialect to understand if it is still effervescent, we will give a clear description of what is a nagana and a legera and we will test some infrasking places of Triest. Furthermore, we will give to our readers suggestions to affrontate the economic crisis, analyzing the triestin answer: spinazing.

There is also a new roobreeka: the bottanic canton, where our best bottanic expert, Diego Manna, will illustrate 12 important bottanic species, from the stropacool to the ciclaminchia/ciclamona.

The reader’s mail of this number is very much longer than the last one, and for this reason I am very very happy and I grateful thank you.


The entire Clanfa repertoire: a deep characterization of a triestin endemism


¹Monon Behavior Research Department

²Dipartimento sereno dei vanzadori -

³Associazion of promozion social SPIZ -


Our research deeply analyses the triestin endemism of the clanfa, a behavior used by mulones to produce the biggest schizz. We describe all the different clanfa techniques and divide them in different classes. We found that also two other big tuff endemisms, the bomba americana and the kamikaze tuff, can be categorized using the same classes. Our results indicate that all these different behavioral patterns of a male agonistic behavior are specializations used to attirar the attention of the local female fauna, and have a great weight on triestins’ sexual selection that do not depend only by the skizz produced

Key words: schizz, bomba americana, taconeti, kamikaze, olimpiade dele clanfe


The clanfa is a very fora coi copi tuff style that is well spread in the provinc of Triest. Recent studies have demonstrated that this triestin endemism evolved only in this small region of the world because of the population attitude to produce the greatest schizz, a male agonistic behavior very important for sexual selection (Manna, 2009a). However, in the same study Manna found evidences of another important endemism that seems to have the same function: the bomba americana. Our important scope is to find if there are other tuff endemisms and to capir how and why they evolved.

Material and methods

To better describe the tuffs we utilized the first person scoionament sampling method described by Manna (2009b),

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