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Self-determination: a natural right, perhaps unknown or little-known, but since 1945 up to today is the legitimate father of the birth of over 120 new States in the World.

The fundamental question that arises from this book is just one: a centralist and

nineteenth-century State like Italy, of dynastic nature until 1945, created mostly by external will, rather than from internal cohesion and conviction, now immobilized and devitalized by its own perverse oligarchies and bureaucracies, ravenous and familial, can oppose a formal request by Veneto, denying the democratic, peaceful and electoral/referendum exercise of self-determination that, since 1945 ( for Italy since 1955) is jus cogens (compelling law) with binding force for all UN Member States?

This essay explores, in general, the interesting and topical canvas of the right to

self-determination, dedicating the last part right to the Veneto, which, thanks to its history, is now the star of its own democratic path towards independence and full sovereignty, acting not against but over the Italian Constitution in the wake of international legitimacy.
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