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Anxiety Somebody help me!!

Anxiety Somebody help me!!

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Anxiety Somebody help me!!

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Oct 21, 2015


If you want to eliminate your anxiety, here is your answer!!
You are just in time to get it. The solution is within your reach, no matter where you are, how long you have had it or how old you are.
This book will provide you with all the steps to achieve it.

An approved method to leave your anxiety behind.
It will give you an Action Plan that adapts to your personal circumstances. In each chapter you will find an action to get results as of today...independently from the situation you are in.

You will discover:
- 3 types of anxiety symptoms.
- 3 types of anxiety symptoms and why it is happening to you.
- The best kept secrets to leave all the symptoms behind as of the first day.
- 8 things that influence your physical state.
- The 4 quickest and most effective techniques to make your Anxiety disappear.

The key to accomplish it:
- It will tell how to continue with your life without fear or anxiety.
- With this method you will live each day without worries.

Unburden yourself: Anxiety Somebody help me!!
The majority of the people with anxiety continue with it because they have no strategy with a gradual procedure. They begin their day hoping that the anxiety will not crop up, and at night they pray that one day it will disappear. But that will not happen without a system.

But you will not make that mistake with the Action Plan in this book. You will find out for example, how much more important food and rest is than you realized.
As of now you will advance much faster and you will really be able to make your anxiety vanish.

You will also discover:
- The importance of self knowledge.
- The keys to get rid of all your symptoms.
- Steps to leave your bad habits behind.
- How to breathe to relax your body and apply it promptly.
- 7 types of existing fears and how to overcome them.
- Primary steps to feeling free.
- 12 basic rules about the state of anxiety, stress and depression.

About the author:
Sara Burillo knows how it feels to have tried to eliminate anxiety unsuccessfully. She has helped a lot of people through conferences and personalized help to finally come out of such a situation. Regardless of the state in which you find yourself now, you will achieve to free yourself from it with the keys and steps provided in her self-help books.

Anxiety. Somebody help me!!
Step by step secrets to leave the anxiety behind and all the keys to remove your symptoms...

Oct 21, 2015

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ELIMINA TU ANSIEDAD // MEJORA TUS RELACIONES // ALCANZA EL EXITO Consigue TODO lo que te propongas: eliminar tu estrés, ansiedad y/o depresión, fortalecer tu autoestima, conseguir un buen liderazgo, la riqueza y el éxito que deseas.

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Anxiety Somebody help me!! - Sara Burillo



What do we think triggered off the situation in which we find ourselves now? A terrible feeling of physical and mental discomfort that came without notice. Perhaps it was some kind of shock in particular, perhaps arguments we have heard, a large number of house removals, or a lot of those problems, which befell on us repeatedly non-stop.

There are so many, but a lot of things can trigger off a terrible and undesirable anxiety... This is how it is described by the people who suffer from it. They feel overwhelmed and unable to find their way out.

However, few people can gather the pieces in this difficult section of their lives in such a hard way. Few realize that anxiety has a deeper message. It is a reminder of the wings to your freedom, that have remained closed and oppressed for so long that now it is like as if a strong rope was holding them down.

Being a person with a strong mentality, I took it upon myself to find information to change this, after testing various methods in an open and unprejudiced way; this led me to a great conclusion. Although I have to admit that only some of these methods helped me open my mind in being able to see the reality. The reality... A proverb that I once read in a book that struck me, it said that our outside world (what we do and do not do, what happens to us and what we will not go through) is a reflection of our inner world underlying the subconscious along with all the information we have stored since our first memories. This led me to the conclusion that all this depends on our improvement. This taught me to make the way to change all kinds of thought...

In the case of anxiety, it is also possible to use this wonderful formula with thoughts like the following: Why did this happen to me precisely?, What have I done to receive this? by switching to: What things do I have to change in my interior so the exterior is just perfect?

And you are probably thinking... Nobody has a perfect life! And I say to you: I also thought that in the past as well.

Obviously, if we are still acting the same way until now, we will not achieve much more… We should try changing our behaviour, we will not lose anything, in any case you will only gain. Little or a lot, but we will gain. In addition, to say goodbye to our friend Anxiety, we do not need to recur to go bungee jumping or do risky activities; it is all simple and easy, even fun in most cases. Wise people say that if things are not going as well as we had expected, there is something that we still do not know.

Knowledge is power and true. When our car breaks down, we go to the mechanic or if we have a handbook we can do it ourselves, it is a lot cheaper and we feel good about being able to do so. The unfortunate thing is that normally, there are no manuals that will explain anything in detail, so we usually just forget about it. Well,

with this book I intend to demonstrate that any person with a simple and complete manual can do it by themselves, in the tremendous event of our friend anxiety. Friend? Does this surprise us? Yes, this is what we will call it, because as we will see further on this will help us a lot in our lives even though right now it is difficult to think about it in this way.

No thought is living in our mind without paying rent, so we are going to invite our friend not to take a walk, but to go travelling for a long time to the other end of the globe with much love, because we have learned what it wanted, to bequeath our happiness.

Many times the reading of a book has made the fortune of the man, -has decided his way of life. -Ralph Waldo Emerson.



1.- What is anxiety?

2.- Symptoms: I am afraid of what I have

3.- Factors that produce anxiety

4.- Can you cure anxiety?

5.- How to cover up the symptoms

6.- The environment

7.- Diet

8.- Rest and breathing

9.- The sun

10.- The importance of drinking water

11.- Exercise. Why?

12.- Bad habits of the day

13.- Techniques and quick changes of thought

14.- Physical affection and the world of massages

15.- Types of fear

16.- How to overcome your fears

17.- Friendships

18.- How to make new friends

19.- Affection: giving and receiving

20.- Forgiveness and responsibility

21.- Who am I?


Somebody help me!!


What is anxiety?

In this part of the book we are going to give the general description attributed to anxiety, and at the end of this chapter we will see how it applies to each one of us. Anxiety is a feeling of certain things that in the end do not happen. The feeling of having a heart attack, being unable to breathe, being unable to enter an elevator because of the fear of something bad happening, fear of being alone, concern about being with someone, restlessness at the thought of being with a lot of people, fear of doing harm to someone or harming yourself (with very vivid thoughts of what you are able to do). In addition to all this, of course, is joined by the fact that you are left feeling paralyzed, not knowing what to do and how to tell others, nor how to explain it. This is

at thought level.

Also it is common to feel body paralysis, such as sudden spasms in the legs and even the whole body. Feeling that we can die at any moment or perhaps even worse, losing our mental sanity. At these moments some people feel that perhaps they would be safer in a psychiatric center. This way they feel they will not hurt themselves or most important, not others either such as siblings, children, parents, etc… Usually, thinking that we might hurt someone is due to our subconscious identity considered weaker than us, and therefore unlikely to be able to defend ourselves. This rarely happens as this strong sense of power to harm someone is only in the mind. It does not mean that we can do more harm to someone weaker by this mental attitude; on the contrary, it is only an imagination that shows the need for help.

The symptoms that lead to anxiety will be described in the next chapter.

Anxiety is suffered by approximately two and a half million Spaniards each year. It is a figure that is considerably high. On the other hand at global level there are a 20.5% of people with this emotional response known as anxiety that goes beyond normality. There is something we can do about it. If we do not get help, it is more likely that the anxiety could rise to extreme levels. It is thought to be genetic or by a timely problem. The answer to this statement lies in our education. It is true that several types of depression and anxiety are have genetic tendencies, but it is also true that it depends on the person itself…letting those genes take us over or decide to eliminate them. Everybody thinks and acts in a certain way, in other words programmed from childhood; yes, programmed.

What do we need to do to think and act the way we learned as a children? Unlearn the already learned.

The mind is one of the most fascinating things that exists on Earth, it is capable of things that we cannot even imagine.

Apart from the fact that there are things that generate anxiety, there are other factors that are caused by this.

For example, obesity. The anxiety raises the body’s cortisol. This is very much related to stress, which in turn generates an obsession to overeat even when there is no appetite. There are other disorders as well because of cortisol for example, irritation or anger, resulting in more arguments with family members, or with anyone else close to us.

Besides this, the person will go to one of two extremes: either isolating themselves or creating an excessive dependency on those closest to them. Also, they have no steady employment, concentration problems and the short-term memory seems to be fading day by day.

Concern for the future; the mind begins to imagine possible unpleasant events of the future and this happens often.

Worries about other people; in these circumstances it is important what other people think of us, of how we look to them, etc. These different views are taken into account more than average, and that is not counting all the bad events that elapse, taking the amount of medicine we think we need to take and then eventually and possibly depend completely on them, even if it does not succeed to eliminate all the symptoms.

Emerson once said: Happiness has its roots in the mind and no one can achieve it if you keep a hostile mental attitude which only creates unhappiness.

What is even more important, suffering from anxiety means that we are normal people with an amazing body because it is able to ask for help through a series of symptoms. If our body is unable to do so, this can be unfortunate for us. Anxiety is a major problem to consider but it is to help our body and mind and not to be afraid of it. Fear only creates a reverse to our response. Before running away from the problem, get to know it and perhaps we will find a reason behind all this.

This problem is a sign disguised as an automatic response which triggers off in the brain interpreted as a signal of danger in our lives. It would be logical to assume that any person or animal before a snow avalanche would run in the opposite direction being the logical reaction, therefore running away avoiding a certain situation. This is exactly what our brain does when faced with anxiety, so when we imagine an avalanche coming towards us, we become immobile because we feel there is no escape or direction we can take. Hence feeling blocked.

Many doctors and psychologists say that if we face real danger, anxiety is a good way to escape this, but if faced with a situation imagined by our brain, we either eliminate it or deal with it. And therefore, the quickest way of the two is to study it and to do everything possible to eradicate it. The way to do that is not by taking thousands of pills for the rest of our lives but by analyzing and changing our thoughts and behaviour towards our anxiety. Pills help to some extent, but they cannot study us and see where the origin of our anxiety comes from. In fact, if they are taken in excess, our neurons degenerate causing physical and psychological damage. With medication we can stop the symptoms but not eliminate them completely.

Anxiety is an emotional response, related to the instinct of survival. In anxiety disorders

there are different symptoms of the same category; among them are the following:

General anxiety disorder.

Social phobia.

Panic disorder.


Specific phobias (for these it is necessary to find the exact point at which the person began having phobias such as airplanes, snakes, etc., depending on the specific case of each person).

Post-traumatic stress disorder.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Here we will consider the above disorders.

It is important to know, that we must be aware of what is happening to us, like when we experience this problem frequently, if it interferes in our lives or in our daily activities, or if it gets out of proportion regarding the danger that comes to us in

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