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The Pennsylvania Rangers

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The Pennsylvania Rangers

Lunghezza: 88 pagine52 minuti


One of my ancestors fought in The American Revolutionary War. His son did also in a different military outfit. This screenplay/novella describes Captain Philips Pennsylvania Rangers and their action against Great Britain. In Western Pennsylvania, encroachment by the Iroquois Indians with British advisers involved unwanted visitation, skirmishes, and battles upon farms, frontier communities, villages and towns. In the late 1700's while the American and British forces battled each other in traditional tactics, the Iroquois, fought under a scalp bounty policy to prove kills and used stealth, terror, and surprise.
This historical novella is given dialogue while fictional, adds to the excitement and emotion of those who live in the arena of an ongoing war,
Much of the actual scenes, are left to the director to establish in the movie and to the reader's imagination' Fighting, imprisonment in a prisoner of war facility, escape, and prisoner of war exchange are described. .

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