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Raspberry Pi Android Projects

Raspberry Pi Android Projects

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Raspberry Pi Android Projects

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Sep 25, 2015


The target audience for this book includes Raspberry Pi enthusiasts, hobbyists, and anyone who wants to create engaging projects with the Android OS. Some knowledge of Android programming would be helpful.
Sep 25, 2015

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Raspberry Pi Android Projects - Kurt Gökhan

Table of Contents

Raspberry Pi Android Projects


About the Author

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1. Make a Remote Desktop Connection to Your Pi from Anywhere


Installing Linux on your Pi

Installing using NOOBS

Installing using a Raspbian image

Extracting the OS image to an SD card

Making necessary changes in settings

Installing necessary components in the Pi and Android

Connecting the Pi and Android

What if I want to use Wi-Fi on the Pi?

Connecting from anywhere

Problems with dynamic LAN IP addresses and external IP addresses


2. Server Management with Pi

Remote console to the Pi from Android

Exchanging files between the Pi and Android

A simple database and web server implementation

Connecting the sensor

Installing the database

Installing the web server

Simple management of servers


3. Live Streaming of a Surveillance Camera from the Pi

Hardware and software configurations

Streaming video to an Android device

Manual VLC configurations

The surveillance mode

Accessing surveillance images on the Web


4. Turn Your Pi into a Media Center

Installing and setting up a media center on Pi

Starting Kodi on boot

Connecting to the media center via remote control from Android

Getting more from your media center

Watching videos using Kodi on an Android device

Streaming the Android display to Kodi

Installing the media center using NOOBS


5. Missed Calls with Pi

Installing the necessary components

Adding a sensor service to Bluetooth Low Energy

Connecting from an Android app

Sending the reboot command from your Android phone to the Pi

Sending more commands from your Android phone to the Pi

Lighting the LEDs

Playing sounds on your Pi

Combining the commands and being informed on incoming calls


6. The Vehicle Pi

Finding out the car location

Collecting the car data

Getting the car data to the Pi

Using your Android device as an access point

An alternative to rooting

Rooting Samsung Galaxy S2

Enabling tethering on being connected to a power source

Automatic restart on power connect

Auto tethering

Sending data to the cloud

Putting it all together

Sending measurements

Retrieving measurements



Raspberry Pi Android Projects

Raspberry Pi Android Projects

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First published: September 2015

Production reference: 2141215

Published by Packt Publishing Ltd.

Livery Place

35 Livery Street

Birmingham B3 2PB, UK.

ISBN 978-1-78588-702-4



Gökhan Kurt


Thushara Jayawardena

Wolf Paulus

Eric Wuehler

Commissioning Editor

Nadeem Bagban

Acquisition Editor

Vivek Anantharaman

Content Development Editor

Arwa Manasawala

Technical Editor

Rahul C. Shah

Copy Editor

Sonia Cheema

Project Coordinator

Shweta H Birwatkar


Safis Editing


Monica Ajmera Mehta

Production Coordinator

Arvindkumar Gupta

Cover Work

Arvindkumar Gupta

About the Author

Gökhan Kurt has been trying to keep up with the the latest developments in technology and IT in his 15-year-long development career. For the past 4 years, he has been working at IFS Labs, one of the top innovation departments of the Swedish software industry. Currently, he is involved in the Internet of Things and has been developing prototype IoT implementations using Raspberry Pi.

He has a master's of science degree from Chalmers University of Technology and a bachelor's degree from the Middle East Technical University. You can connect with him on Twitter (@KurtGok) and on LinkedIn (

I would like to thank my dear wife, Hediye, for her patience during the writing of this book. Special thanks to my 3-year-old son, Derin, for providing me with the intellectual support needed for writing this book with his Lego building skills. I would also like to thank my 3-month-old daughter, Eliz, for keeping me awake at night so that I was able to think about exciting projects to include in this book.

About the Reviewers

Thushara Jayawardena is in his fourteenth year of working in the software development industry. Right after he graduated from university in 2001, he joined the IFS world operations ( development center in Colombo, Sri Lanka. His early years were spent as a junior SW engineer. He then moved into SW systems as a system engineer, overseeing mission-critical production systems. During this time, he became a principal systems engineer, and also moved to Sweden in 2007 where he started working at the head office of IFS in Linköping, Sweden. From 2014 to date, he has been working on product benchmarking for IFS. He has mainly worked with technologies, such as Oracle RDBMS, J2EE systems, and Jboss/Oracle WebLogic. He is also knowledgeable about various scripting technologies and languages, such as PowerShell and VB scripting. In recent years, he's been active in monitoring tools written in Angular JS and Google graphs. In the field of product benchmarking, he has worked with data science, especially generating synthetic data for load simulations. He has also spent considerable time at work on performance testing tools, such as HP LoadRunner.

In his spare time, apart from travelling and enjoying different cultures with his son, daughter, and wife, he spends time with Android, Google App Engine, and Raspberry Pi home-brewing projects.

Eric Wuehler lives in the Pacific Northwest with his lovely wife and three children. He has been working in the technology field professionally for over 20 years. He can be reached online at

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The most popular gadget in the maker community, Raspberry Pi, and the most popular smartphone OS, Android, combine their powers in this book, resulting in exciting, useful, and easy-to-follow projects. The projects covered come in handy in your daily interaction with the Pi and can be helpful as building blocks for even more amazing projects.

What this book covers

Chapter 1, Make a Remote Desktop Connection to Your Pi from Anywhere, teaches you how to make the initial setup to get started

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