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Precious Pearls (A College Face Book)

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Precious Pearls (A College Face Book)

Lunghezza: 249 pagine3 ore


Whose College is this? Silence, Keep quiet..., No noise please...; You... Communicate...; A hero; a zero; a yawno; and a TORNADO. One taniyo loves his favorite-foyer but kaliyo watches matching attire. One loves her khakhi bag the other yawns through lectures. Some run after marks but some rest in theaters. One is busy in nick naming , some in bunking and many gossiping... Set in the business fertile land of Gujarat, this is a story of a village lad who dared to dream bigger than life to become an Engineer. Very soon does he realize that the education which was supposed to give wings to his dreams was at the best clipping it! A lovely college story making you nostalgic about your own bygone good college days. This is another roller coaster of fun, romance, adventure, and of action. A plot that will want you to relive the grandeur of WestLand with its Precious Pearls again and again.

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