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Crucial Experiences

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Crucial Experiences

Lunghezza: 193 pagine3 ore


CRUCIAL EXPERIENCES is part of RG Gregory’s venture to turn nearly seventy years of writing, (poems, plays, fiction, non-fiction and poem-graphics) into e-books.

RG Gregory was born in Southampton in 1928, the second of five children of a docker. He was evacuated to Bournemouth in 1939, joining Taunton’s Grammar School in the same year, and stayed there for six years.

He spent nineteen years as a teacher (in Hampshire, Uganda and Shropshire) before founding the theatre and community arts company, Word And Action (Dorset), retiring after thirty years on his seventy-fifth birthday.

In 2006 he returned to Shropshire, did seven productions in three years and eased off to run a U3A poetry writing group, Tuesday Treasury, still in existence.
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