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The Action of Insulin on Cells

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The Action of Insulin on Cells

Lunghezza: 171 pagine


The Action of Insulin on Cells: A Speculation on Mechanism of Insulin Action on Muscle focuses on metabolic alterations induced in man or animals by insulin deficiency or excess, tissues responsive to insulin, effects of insulin on muscles, adipose tissues, and liver, and the chemical structure and properties of insulin.

The publication first offers information on tissues acted upon by insulin, insulin and muscle, and insulin and the liver. Discussions focus on amino acid incorporation into liver protein, liver enzymes and insulin, glucose output and uptake, insulin and incorporation of amino acids into peptides, and glucose uptake and glycogen synthesis. The text then examines the relationships of insulin and adipose tissues and insulin and cell permeability.

The book takes a look at the interactions of insulin, pituitary factors, and adrenal hormones in isolated tissues and insulin effects in cell-free systems. Topics include thiamine phosphorylation, oxygen consumption and oxidative phosphorylation, glycogen synthesis in diaphragm fragments, amino acid incorporation into proteins of isolated tissues, and utilization of carbohydrates by isolated tissues. The book also ponders on the structure and properties of insulin and speculations on insulin action.

The publication is a valuable source of information for researchers interested in the mechanism of insulin action on muscles.
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