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Economics of Atomic Energy: The Atoms for Peace Series

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Economics of Atomic Energy: The Atoms for Peace Series

Lunghezza: 145 pagine3 ore


Economics of Atomic Energy covers the historical developments and major trends in atomic energy and its utilization. This book is organized into three parts encompassing 10 chapters that emphasize the economic aspect of nuclear power.
The first part provides an overview of the status of atomic industry, from uranium supply to production and uses of fissile materials. This part looks into the accurate measurement of the national incomes that have pressed ahead with atomic development and how much of the national resources have diverted to atomic research. The second part deals first with the increasing demand for cheaper energy, followed by the assessment of factors affecting the costs of nuclear reactor. The third part discusses Britain's atomic investment on research. This part also considers the other countries' atomic industry methods, including U.S.A., France, and Germany.
This book will be of value to nuclear physicists, economists, and policy makers.
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