Advances in High Temperature Chemistry: Volume 2

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Advances in High Temperature Chemistry: Volume 2

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Advances in High Temperature Chemistry, Volume 2 covers the advances in the knowledge of the high temperature behavior of materials and the complex and unfamiliar characteristics of matter at high temperature.
The book discusses the dissociation energies and free energy functions of gaseous monoxides; the matrix-isolation technique applied to high temperature molecules; and the main features, the techniques for the production, detection, and diagnosis, and the applications of molecular beams in high temperatures. The text also describes the chemical research in streaming thermal plasmas, as well as the studies of the sublimation mechanism of sodium chloride, cadmium sulfide, and gallium arsenide. The temperature and emissivity measurements in the thermal imaging technique, freezing and melting point measurements of metal oxides, and phase studies on binary oxide systems at higher temperatures with a solar furnace are also encompassed.
High temperature chemists and solar researchers will find the book invaluable.
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