Commentaries in the Neurosciences

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Commentaries in the Neurosciences

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Commentaries in the Neurosciences is a compilation of the commentaries segment featured in the Neuroscience journal. This book, however, does not provide a comprehensive account of all fields in neuroscience, but rather articles that highlight developments during the past years.
The topics covered include chemistry and dynamics of neurotransmitter storage particles; release of central and peripheral neurotransmitters; and transmitters in the enteric nervous system. This book also discusses the properties of neuroreceptors; chemistry and connections of the cerebral cortex; and intracellular recording and ionic transmembrane currents. This text explains as well the invertebrate nervous systems; functions of the nervous system including neuro- and psychopharmacology; and the mind-body problem.
This book will be of use not only to research workers interested in keeping updated with developments in different areas of the neurosciences, but also to advanced undergraduate and graduate students who are studying the nervous system.
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