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Biophysical Aspects of Cerebral Circulation

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Biophysical Aspects of Cerebral Circulation

Lunghezza: 360 pagine


Biophysical Aspects of Cerebral Circulation provides a comprehensive review of the cerebral circulatory system.
This book consists of four chapters. Chapter 1 is devoted to methodology attempts to explain the special features of a biophysical approach. The biophysical principles of the most commonly used modem methods such as the clearance method and rheoencephalography are described in detail. The second and third chapters examine all the biophysical aspects of the cerebral circulatory system as a functional unit and deal with some principles of its regulation. The results of systems analysis using mathematical modeling are presented in broad outline. Chapter 4 deals with processes related to the regional cerebral circulation. Such investigations focus mainly on the relationship between periodically fluctuating factors affecting limited areas of brain tissue.
This text is beneficial to medical students and individuals researching on cerebral circulation.
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