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Some Aspects of Vacuum Ultraviolet Radiation Physics: International Series of Monographs in Natural Philosophy

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Some Aspects of Vacuum Ultraviolet Radiation Physics presents some data on the state of research in vacuum ultraviolet radiation in association with areas of physics.
Organized into four parts, this book begins by elucidating the optical properties of solids in the vacuum ultraviolet region (v.u.v.), particularly the specific methods of determination of optical constants in v.u.v., the properties of metals, and those of ionic insulators. Part II deals with molecular spectroscopy, with emphasis on the spectra of diatomic and simple polyatomic molecules, paraffins, and condensed phases. Part III focuses on some aspects of emission spectroscopy in the v.u.v. in relation to laboratory plasmas. The last part describes the image formation by concave gratings, spectrophotometry, and diffusion by surfaces.
This book will be very valuable to physicist and graduate students inclined to this field of interest.

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