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Inorganic Chemistry: A Concise Text

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Inorganic Chemistry: A Concise Text Inorganic Chemistry is intended to provide a concise text-book of inorganic chemistry at a standard intermediate between that required for Advanced Level in schools and honors degree courses.
The book is organized into two parts. Part I provides the reader with a background of basic principles sufficient to promote a rational understanding of the chemistry of the elements, including simple ionic crystal structures and the shapes of molecules. It concludes with a chapter describing the general methods of extraction and purification of metals. Part II aims to present a reasonable selection of the more important properties of the elements and their compounds.
Every effort has been made to include up-to-date factual material, for example recent developments in the chemistry of the noble gases are described in the final chapter of the book. Wherever possible, effort is made to interpret and explain the descriptive chemistry in the light of modern physical concepts. In this way, the reader will not only acquire a useful factual basis of the subject but will also develop an appreciation of the rational nature of modern inorganic chemistry.

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